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Bad Skin?

Forget the creams. Dump the exfoliates. If you have bad skin then replace it with good skin. It's easy! Just click on the skin you want from the list below or get them all.

All skin files are ZIP'd for faster downloads. Each also includes the default path:

(C:\Program Files\NorsemanGames\The Realm Online\skins\default\)

right inside the ZIP so, if you extract the file with the "include path" option (and if you have The Realm installed in the default folder), it will automatically be placed where it belongs.

What are skins?

A skin is a graphics file that determines the look of a program's interface. Skins permit a user to customize the look and, to some extent, the feel of the interface to a program such as The Realm.

Keeping your official Realm skins current.

In normal use you should never have any concerns about managing your skins. Whenever a skin is updated the patch process will handle everything for you. Problems occur when a non-current skin is accidently placed inside the default skin directory. When that happens the patch process cannot complete since it reads the existing file prior to updating it to ensure that the correct file is being processed. If an incorrect skin is detected in the default skin directory the entire patch process aborts.

Norseman appreciates and supports the efforts of players to create alternate skins for use with The Realm. We encourage you to try other player's skins whenever you are interested. However, please always be sure that you place alternate skins in the "user" skins directory and never in the "default" directory.

Official Skins

View - To check if a certain skin is the one you need, click on the image in the View column to see a highly compressed version of the full-scale skin. The compressed veiws of the skins are achieved by greatly reducing the number of colors in the image. This permits a much faster download, letting you can see the full scale version quickly. The price for this speed is that the colors in the image do not correctly represent how the skin actually looks when in use in The Realm. The image is, however, sufficient to determine if the skin is the one for which you are looking.

File - To download the skin, click on the file name. All skin files are compressed into the ZIP format to improve the download time. You will need uncompression software to extract the the skin from the ZIP file.

Description - Where the skin is used in the Realm client interface.

 Skins_All.zipAll current Realm skins (Updated 18 Dec 2004)
bkg_lookat.zipBottom portion of all Character Look-At screens
cc_attr.zipCharacter Creation Attributes assignment
cc_bio.zipCharacter Creation Biography composition
cc_face.zipCharacter Creation Appearance screen
cs_menu.zipCharacter Selection screen
dlg_beginner.zipNew Subscriber Sign-Up page
dlg_buttons.zipStandard Windows button set (Minimize, Maximize, Close)
dlg_chatmain.zipChat choices dialog
dlg_chatoptions.zipChat options dialog
dlg_choice.zipAction confirmation dialog (e.g. pickpocket)
dlg_combat.zipCombat choices dialog
dlg_dead.zipDeath choices dialog
 dlg_drag.zipPlaceholder for dragging objects. Transparent image.
dlg_err.zipError Information
dlg_event.zipWindow mode Event Screen
dlg_eventcreator.zipEvent Creation Screen (Usable by Staff Only)
dlg_evict.zipEvict Button
dlg_exitcombat.zipExit Combat Button
dlg_gameoptions.zipGame Options dialog
dlg_generic.zipMulti-purpose display (Quests, Emotes, Credits)
dlg_gsp.zipGossip channel chat window (Window mode)
dlg_gspcreator.zipGossip channel creation screen
dlg_gspfriends.zipWindow mode Friends display (obsolete)
dlg_gspl.zipGossip channel list
dlg_gsplookat.zipGossip channel information display
dlg_gspmembers.zipGossip channel members list (current channel only)
dlg_gspmod.zipWindow mode In-Game Staff channel
dlg_gsppeople.zipWindow mode Friends & Foes display
dlg_intro.zipLogin progress display
dlg_inventory.zipCharacter inventory (items carried)
dlg_itemlist.zipIn-combat "Use" display
dlg_lookat.zipLook-At screen for NPCs/Objects
dlg_luggage.zipStorage container contents display (backpack, strongbox, etc.)
dlg_mail.zipWindow mode magic mail: Inbox
dlg_mailsend.zipWindow mode magic mail: Write new message
dlg_mailsub.zipWindow mode magic mail: Read message
dlg_makeitem.zipItem creation screen (alchemy, armor smith, & weapon smith)
dlg_message.zipServer connection display (during login)
dlg_modwhol.zip"Who's On" Staff list (shows all currently logged in Staff)
dlg_namehealth.zipCharacter/NPC/Object name and health display (Current version, post 17 Dec 04 update)
dlg_numinput.zipAmount input screen for purchases (how many do you wish to buy?)
dlg_numinput2.zipAmount input screen for Give or Drop
dlg_password.zipPassword entry screen (house, strongbox, etc.)
dlg_passwordchanger.zipPassword changer screen
dlg_passwordlogin.zipLogin and password game entrance screen.
dlg_purchase.zipNPC interaction screen: Purchasing items from Shopkeeper
dlg_repair.zipNPC interaction screen: Repairing your items by Shopkeeper
dlg_sell.zipNPC interaction screen: Selling items to Shopkeeper
dlg_serverchoices.zipLogin sever selection screen
dlg_spells.zipMagic spell selection screen
dlg_spellverbs.zipSpell options dialog
dlg_splash.zipClient Launch Splash screen
dlg_tab.zipTab Mode Tabs
dlg_talk.zipNPC Talk screen
dlg_teleport.zipTeleportation destination selection
dlg_tell.zipWindow mode Player-to-Player "Tells"
 dlg_trade.zipPlayer-to-Player Trade Window
dlg_treasure.zipTreasure list screen
dlg_update.zipClient update progress screen
dlg_verb.zipMulti-purpose options dialog
dlg_whatsnew.zip"What's New" content display screen
dlg_whol.zip"Who's On" list (Chat/Who's On)
la_1.zipCharacter Look-At Affects screen
la_2.zipCharacter Look-At Attributes screen
la_3.zipCharacter Look-At Skills Screen
la_4.zipCharacter Look-At Biography screen
la_5.zipCharacter Look-At Equipment screen
la_6.zipCharacter Look-At State screen
mp_frame.zipClient window frame
mp_menu.zipClient main interface
tab_chat.zipTab mode general chat
tab_event.zipTab mode Events screen
tab_friends.zipTab mode "Friends" list (obsolete)
tab_gossip.zipTab mode Gossip Channel screen
tab_guide.zipTab mode In-Game Staff chat
tab_mailbox.zipTab mode magic mail In-Box
tab_mailread.zipTab mode magic mail reading
tab_mailwrite.zipTab mode magic mail creation
tab_mod.zipTab mode In-Game Staff chat
tab_people.zipTab mode "Friends & Foes" list
tab_room.zipTab mode Room chat
tab_tells.zipTab mode Player-to-Player "Tells"

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