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What is a URL?

A URL is a "Uniform Resource Locator". It's a fancy name but the concept is simple. You can think of a URL as just another filename. The difference is that instead of pointing to a file or directory (folder) on your computer a URL can point to any resource on the internet. It doesn't even have to be a file: URLs can also point to queries, documents stored deep within databases, the results of a finger or archie command, or whatever. The point is that a URL is what tells your computer where to go to find something on the internet.

URLs usually lead you to something interesting, be it news, shopping, media, or websites such as this one. Most of the time, using a URL is perfectly safe. But not always. There are some unscrupulous people out there and they can--and do--create URLs that contain viruses, trojans, bots, and other nasty things that can do you and your computer harm.

Since URLs can lead you to harmful or offensive content there have been many questions regarding the posting of URLs on Norseman facilities such as the game or the message boards. In short, Norseman's policy on URLs boils down to: you are responsible. Whether you post a URL on any Norseman facility or make use of one, you are responsible for the consequences.

URL Policy Details

Any player may, in any public or private area of "The Realm", distribute any URL under the following conditions:
  • The poster of the URL takes full responsibility for the content of said address.
  • Any representative of Norseman Games may, in his or her sole discretion, determine the appropriateness of any URL and will act accordingly.
  • The poster of any website containing material that is deemed either inappropriate or harmful (either to the viewer or to Norseman Games as an entity) will face strict disciplinary action.
  • The viewer takes full responsibility for electing to visit any website not officially part of Norseman Games.

This is not a free-for-all.

If you post a site to an area that is somewhat permanent, such as the Message Boards, you remain responsible for that URL until the time that you edit the post to remove it. So, if you post a URL and a year later the content becomes problematic and you have not removed it, you will face disciplinary action.

In the case of using a URL that results in the theft of a player's account it is the using player's full responsibility for the theft. Norseman will cooperate in returning control of the account to the rightful subscriber. The rightful subscriber will be charged for the time and effort required. It is to your advantage to practice wise judgment when choosing whether or not to make use of any URL.

Protecting Player Reputations.

Websites containing "negative" lists of players are not permitted in public areas of The Realm Online or The Realm Online Message Boards. "Negative" lists are those which label players as "dishonest", or as a "scammer", etc. Such lists are prohibited There is no way for the listings to be disputed by the affected person, and there is no way to force removal. Additionally, it is impossible for Norseman Games to determine if the lists are based on fact or opinion. This does not mean you cannot have a site that has such a list, Norseman Games has no control over what type of website you have, only over where you advertise it.

It is understood the intent of these list is to protect unsuspecting realmers from being taken advantage of. This is of large benefit to the community. With that in mind, Norseman Games will permit the advertising of websites containing "positive" lists in public areas of the Realm Online and the message boards. "Positive" lists include items like "honest traders", "honest enchanters", "honest realmers", etc. Omission from this list would not absolutely equate one to being dishonest. This difference is important because it eliminates the possibility of an innocent person's reputation getting slandered.

Any questions? Please e-mail Customer Service

Entertainment Software Rating Board“The Realm Online” has been rated E for Everyone (comic mischief, violence) by the Entertainment Software Rating Board.
Game Experience May Change During Online Play. Note that although “The Realm” is suitable for players of all ages, interaction with other users may produce conditions outside the intent and control of either the ESRB or Norseman Games.

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