October 23, 2021
Changes for October 23, 2021

We deployed a quick hotfix today to address some bugs and some overdue QOL item changes.


  • Fixed crash when inspecting Starrie Knight painting
  • Fixed look at preview for chandeliers
  • Fixed visual state of starrie knight painting to correctly display when "opening" it
  • Fixed issue where chandeliers were not homeowner restricted
  • Reduced lockout time on Mistlocked Hallows End from 2 hours to 1 hour
  • Added Retention to Mage's Hat
  • Added Free Will to Hood of Shifting
  • Changed Proc on Wit's End to be Iron Chains
October 19, 2021
Changes for October 18th, 2021

Hello Realmers,

Today we are excited to release our seasonal Halloween content patch, in addition to some additional house collectibles we've been working on for a while!


Seasonal Content
  • Fallows and Konge are back, and with some extra loot!
  • Our temporary halloween dungeons, Hallows End and Mistlocked Hallows End, are back for a limited time
  • We've added some new event items and rare collectible drops for the halloween season.
  • Illusion potions are back. Collect them while you can!


House Paint!
  • For the first time in Realm history, we've added paint buckets to the copper shop. You can use these paint buckets to paint the interior walls of your houses!
  • We've also added some additional house items to the coppers shop as well - Take a look when you have a chance!


  • Backpack and pouches have a lower bulk value to avoid clogging up your backpacks!
  • Re-enabled Heroic Snake Pit dungeon
September 23, 2021
Elphame's Arena Beta
Pre-Season 2 Elphame's Arena (September 22)

We have brought the Elphame's Arena server back up to play-test some ruleset changes. The flower baldric has been removed although other rewards are still available.


  • Set max group size to 1 (In other words, solo mode)
  • Decrease strength of theurgism
  • Increase experience rate
  • Increase max xp per fight to 5000
  • Increase loot rate across the board
  • Loot tables are now more distinct and flow less into each other. For example, a table with mythril armor will no longer have a rare chance at dropping obsidianite
  • Loot tables that dropped higher tier items now have a higher chance of dropping those higher tier items
  • Decrease base power of: The Wrath, Executioner's Axe, The Bone Crusher
  • Increase drop rate of illusion rings
  • Increase HP / MP bonus of hybrid (chain) armors
  • Fix bug causing dungeons to be locked closed from the inside
  • Increase max level to 150
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