February 13, 2021
Elphame's Arena Beta
Elphame's Arena BETA Changes (February 13th)

Greetings Realmers! We are back with another set of ruleset tweaks to test leading up to the formal launch of Elphame's Arena.

As always we would love to hear your feedback to ensure when we formally launch the season we have the best experience possible.


  • Added HP and MP to shields. Round shields give higher mana. Tower shields give higher hit points.
  • Removed Improved Armor as possible enchant for rings, amulets and belts
  • Changed peak bell curve XP rate to be at level 50 instead of 35. This should improve the levelling experience in the 40-60 range.
  • Mysticism success calculation has changed; The success increases or decreases by 1% for every level difference between the caster and target.
  • Decreased strength of theurgism on spells slightly
  • World Bosses will spawn much slower now
  • Lowered drop rate in ratling run
  • Reduced value of drops in The Unknown
  • Increased base mana pool of all characters equal to their intelligence.
  • Lowered SDM across many NPCs
  • Lowered base movement rate in combat
  • Increased effectiveness of acrobatics on combat movement
  • Fixed bug which could cause both insurance money and items to drop in PvP combat.
  • Changed some monster composition in open world zones. Increased chance for mobs to group with each other in the open world.
  • All zones are hotzones now
  • Lots of balancing changes to existing NPCs - in some cases increasing power and in some cases decreasing
  • Removed drop chance of high end bounties from lower level mobs in specific zones
  • Increased range and damage for life leech and fangblade
  • Increased max damage on Vulcan Edge, Defender and Stinger
  • Increased base weapon skill for new warrior characters to be proficient in all weapon types
  • Added bonus mana to wizard hats
  • Changed short sword skill book costs to be based on player intelligence
  • When dying in PVP as a defender, you will no longer lose items or experience if you are outside of a predefined level range of the attacker. The formula as it stands is: Highest level attacker compared against highest level defender: within 10 levels OR 25% of each other. Attackers always lose items and experience when they die.

Please post any feedback about these latest changes to our feedback forum!

February 6, 2021
Elphame's Arena Beta
Elphame's Arena BETA Changes (February 6th)

Greetings Realmers! We are back with another set of ruleset tweaks to test leading up to the formal launch of Elphame's Arena. This round of changes is meant to be the last of the major mechanics changes - and hopefully the last testing cycle before we launch.

As always we would love to hear your feedback to ensure when we formally launch the season we have the best experience possible.


  • Duration on tempoary weapon enchantment spells have been drastically reduced (E.g. Cold Steel, Venom).
  • The max monster group size in a dungeon has been increased from 3 to 4.
  • Rebalanced loot tables into four tiers of items. Tier one items will drop from lower level areas and tier 4 will drop exclusively in the hardest areas.
  • Tweaked world boss respawn rate. Boss spawns will now be announced in the bosses tab.
  • Increased base in-combat movement rate to compensate for lower overall strength on characters.
  • Changed calculation for in-combat movement rate to be exclusively based on acrobatics instead of a mixture of stats
  • Lowered cost of learning Theurgism. Cost should be more consistent across all classes.
  • Lowered hotzone bonus experience from 100% to 50%.
  • Removed magic longsword/shields from loot table.
  • Adjusted bell-curved experience rates to be less severe on either end of level cap.
  • Updated description for level caps on items: Wrath, Bonecrusher and Executioner's Axe.
  • Added Fuloran's Abode and Tulor's Cavern as open world dungeons. Fuloran and Tulor are now open world bosses that spawn in these shared dungeons.
  • Disabled NPCs jumping players in open world to be consistent with NPC behaviour in dungeons.
  • Changed baldric reward increments to reflect early 3.x days.
  • Adjusted spell mana cost and spell strength across the board. Spell costs are now determined based on the usefulness of the spell.
  • Added Mana Points and Hit Points as a randomized stat to magic items. The amount of mana or hit points granted increases with tier.
  • Lowered base mana pool to compensate for mana points on equipped items.
  • Change mana regeneration calculation. It is now a percentage determined by your meditation skill and your max mana pool.
  • Increased mana regeneration rate. In general you will regenerate quickly out of combat to compensate for spending more mana in combat.
  • Added new tiers to caster gear: Troll Skin -> Imp Skin -> Daemon Skin. Higher tiers award more mana points needed to cast powerful spells.
  • Removed potions of shift and greater invisibility. These spells must be learned in order to be used now.
  • Orb of Healing and Orb of Greater Healing are now targeted-spell heals. They can also be used in combat now.
  • Changed Myticism success chance to be a challenge of your mysticism skill versus your target's

Please post any feedback about these latest changes to our feedback forum!

January 7, 2021
Elphame's Arena Beta
Elphames Arena Changes - Changes (Jan 7th)

Troll Leather, Mythril, Obsidianite and Admantium armor now has rarity values applied to it in descending order. In addition, any dropped item that has rarity may go through a randomization algorithm that will:

  1. Randomize Damage, Weight and Armor ratings.
  2. Apply an enchantment or permanence.
    Weapon perms may be any of: Fire, Lightning, Cold, Poison or Acid damage.
    Armor enchantments may be: Improve Armor, Regeneration, Immolation (Any of fire, cold, lightning or acid), as well as Elemental shields>
    This list is intentionally omitting adding enchantments for base stats such as strength, dexterity, endurance or intelligence.

Items with higher base rarity have a higher chance of receiving good "rolls" on stats and enchantments.

Misc Changes

  • Properly applied rarity to magic items that were missing them (e.g. Boots of Nimbleness)
  • Upgraded rarity of many items to compensate for new randomization logic
  • Lower out of combat animation speed
  • Show mana bar as a resource that regenerates in UI
  • Lower charge count on shift from 25 to 10
  • Change rings and amulets that drop around the havenwood area
  • Increase damage mitigation of plate armor from 65% to 75%
  • Lower damage of multiblade to be more proportional to its mana cost
  • "Plugging" in pvp combat will instantly kill the player instead of decreasing health by half
  • Updated randomized NPC placement in open world dungeons to be in better locations
  • NPC spawning in open world dungeons will now automatically group with any other NPC on the same screen
  • Removed Master and GM spells from stores. They are find-only now
  • Tweaked drop rates all around
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