March 16, 2021
Changes for March 15th, 2021

Greetings Realmers,

Today we are deploying a small content update to add event items for St. Patrick's day as well as remove the seasonal snow views.

  • Added new St. Patrick's Day themed event items
  • Removed snow from open world
February 27, 2021
Elphame's Arena Beta
Elphame's Arena Beta Update

Greetings Realmers,

Thank you to all the players who have provided feedback to get Elphame's Arena into great shape over the past couple months. The beta period will officially end on March 6th at 12PM. After this time, Elphame's Arena will be brought down and wiped in preparation for the official launch. The official launch date will be announced later but it's expected to be 4-8 weeks after the beta is closed.

February 27, 2021
Elphame's Arena Beta
Elphame's Arena BETA Changes (February 27th)

Greetings Realmers! We are back with another set of ruleset tweaks to test leading up to the formal launch of Elphame's Arena.


  • Slightly increased base movement rate
  • Every rank of acrobatics will now give an exponential impact on movement rate
  • Fixed bug where Fuloran may spawn twice as a world buss
  • Fixed bug which cause loot table on Tulor and Fuloran to behave incorrectly
  • Lowered the insurance cost on some magic weapons
  • Increased duration of rust spell
  • Changed Summon Undead monster composition
  • Added boss spawn notification back to bosses tab
  • Lowered power of theurgism
  • Changed Theurgism buildpoint costs to mirror what's currently on Finvarra's Fortress
  • Decreased density of thieves in forest of death
  • Changed spawn location of Spirit of Kal'Dar
  • Changed NPCs in Bloodwood and Leinster Kurz road
  • Updated mana cost of some spells

Please post any feedback about these latest changes to our feedback forum!

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Finvarra's Fortress (Live)
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