April 1, 2020
Changes for March 31, 2020

Greetings Realmers,

Today's changes include a few bug fixes as well as some adjustments to our silvers system. Check the notes below!

  • Increased hot zone bonus experience from 75% to 100%
  • Increase bonus silvers earned in hot zones
  • Increased bonus silvers earned on specific kills in some of our heroic dungeons
  • Fixed bug that would cause players to hang on the loading screen when clicking logout
  • Adjusted silver prices on some of our inventory
  • Konge and Fallows have been re-added as temporary seasonal content. Stay tuned for more tweaks to this zone including some new seasonal item drops
March 24, 2020
Server Maintenance

Hello Realmers,

We are taking the server down to perform emergency maintenance. There is no ETA on the downtime but we hope to be back up and running in a matter of hours.

Thank you for your understanding,

TRO Staff

March 15, 2020
Changes for March 15th, 2020

Hello Realmers,

Today's hotfix on Finvarra's Fortress is focused around bug fixes for the Silvers currency.

  • Fixed bug where it would prevent player from buying an item with Silvers if they also lacked the equal amount of gold
  • Fixed bug which made it appear like gold was being spent when Silvers were being applied
  • Fixed bug where selling items to a vendor from your backpack would fail
  • As an added Hotzone bonus, players will also earn more Silvers for hunting in these areas
  • Fixed a bug where some Glowie helmets would be bind on equip. Players who have one of the affected helmets will need to speak with a GM to exchange their defunct helmets.
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Finvarra's Fortress (Live)
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