November 23, 2021
Changes for November 22nd, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving from the TRO staff!

For the holiday season we have added special season-specific collectible loot and turkey droppers. Also, to celebrate the festive season we will be running 100% Bonus Experience and 50% bonus loot!

November 6, 2021
Changes for November 6th, 2021

Hello Realmers,

Today we released a small update to officially mark the end of our yearly Halloween festival content.


  • Hallows end, fallows and konge and other Halloween content has been disabled and will return next year!
  • Iron Chains will no longer pull summoned creatures. This fixes a bug with Wit's End causing client crashes.
  • New chandeliers added with the halloween patch will now animate properly
October 23, 2021
Changes for October 23, 2021

We deployed a quick hotfix today to address some bugs and some overdue QOL item changes.


  • Fixed crash when inspecting Starrie Knight painting
  • Fixed look at preview for chandeliers
  • Fixed visual state of starrie knight painting to correctly display when "opening" it
  • Fixed issue where chandeliers were not homeowner restricted
  • Reduced lockout time on Mistlocked Hallows End from 2 hours to 1 hour
  • Added Retention to Mage's Hat
  • Added Free Will to Hood of Shifting
  • Changed Proc on Wit's End to be Iron Chains
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