June 1, 2018
Check out the latest Retro Zoo podcast!

Hey All,

The Realm Online was featured in the latest episode of the Retro Zoo where we discuss The Realm of the past, present and future.

Also, Faery Queens!


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May 31, 2018
Overview of differences between Despothes Grove and Finvarra's Fortress

Hey Realmers!

There's a lot of changes coming in fast for Finvarra's Fortress. For new and old players joining us: welcome!

This post may help you understand and prepare for the differences between the servers:

May 31, 2018
Launch Weekend Activities!
Launch Weekend Activities

Hey Realmers! :wave:

We have a few activities planned to help support the launch starting today!

Please see below and make sure you're online to see where our new story is going!

Thursday May 31st

7:00 PM, EST - Prelude Storyline Run (Despothes Grove) - Ivory Moon Café in East Leinster
9:00 PM, EST - Prelude Storyline Run (Finvarra's Fortress) - Ivory Moon Café in East Leinster

Friday, June 1st

Launch Day! (Time TBD)
Weekend Long Newbie Scavenger Hunt

Saturday, June 2nd

4:00 PM, EST - Storyline Act I (Finvarra's Fortress) - Gnarled Leg Tavern in West Leinster

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Finvarra's Fortress (Live)
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Finvarra's Fortress (Test)