April 19, 2019
Email service restored

We have restored full email service from the website as of now. This means that any new sovereign purchases or account sign ups will receive emails.

You can access the claim codes on all sovereign purchases here

You can request a new confirmation email here

If you require any extra assistance please reach out to customer service via email or through our discord.

April 19, 2019
Emails from website temporarily disabled

Hi Everyone,

We have temporarily disabled emails from being sent from our website. This means if you need to confirm your account in order to log in, you will need to contact a staff member to retrieve your confirmation code. We apologize for this inconvenience.

The best way to get in contact with staff is via our discord here:

March 12, 2019
Changes for March 11th, 2019

Hello Realmers! Today's patch includes some brand new Seasonal Event items and some minor tweaks.

  • New Items added to the Vault (Gambler's Den).
  • New Event Items.
  • Added Midi Music to Avalon and Avalon Hunting Areas.
  • Items will now show if they are reagents in their descriptions when looking at them.


  • Removed a couple fire wasps from Greater Hives.
  • Increased level of NPCs in Naktos and also decreased their health in order to provide a more rewarding leveling experience.
  • Added weights to the number of bosses spawning in the open world. Groups of 2 and 3 will be more likely than 1 and 4.


Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where Doors in Dragon Pit were unable to be opened in rare cases.
  • The Button after Moin/Goin will now Teleport players to the 4 way crossing two screens down from the Door to the final stretch of the Dungeon.
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