March 1, 2019
Monthly Event Calendar - April 2019

Greetings, Realmers!

Here is a copy of the April Calendar, for any questions please contact event staff.

Details for events will be posted on discord, and/or in the "General" forum.


TRO Staff

February 17, 2019
TRO Merch Shop

Greetings Realmers , We are launching our very own The Realm merch shop today! We've got posters, an epic map, shirts, and more.. Check it out!

February 11, 2019
Changes for February 10th, 2019
  • Increased drop rates on reagents
  • Fix incorrect armor pierce on Expert and Master Windwalker cowls
  • Added rarity color to magic belts
  • Fix proc on Thief's Mask
  • Moved Anvil hotzone to Sunday to better balance out high end zones
  • World bosses will now spawn in batches of up to 4 at a time
  • Added bauble of skill as a rare drop to high end avalon zones
  • Decreased drop rate of baubles of skill on open world bosses to 50%
  • Removed ability to lockpick doors in Dragonpit
  • Removed experience point loss from pressing buttons in Dragonpit
  • Fixed a bug with theurgism not applying spell effects properly
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