August 1, 2018
Changes for July 31st, 2018

Greetings Realmers,

Below you will find a synopsis of bug fixes and changes to the game. As always please utilize the forums to provide feedback and report bugs … utilizing this system insures that all members of the Game Staff and Development Team see your post. As a fair warning to those whom may be tempted to utilize scripts or bots to gain an advantage over other players, beware! As outlined in the code of conduct this is strictly frowned upon and all accounts associated with said persons will be swiftly dealt with.


Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug where unbound affects were not always removed from items properly. This resulted in players consistently getting the bind on equip dialog even when bound.
  • Fixed bug where players could equip items not bound to them in combat. Attempting to do so will now consume a combat round with no result.
  • Fixed a bug where players could cast spells for zero mana cost while being gagged. These players could not cast enchant or perm during this time.
  • Fixed an issue in Greater Hive that would cause a player to get stuck after "Standing Up" from a mushroom or rock.


  • /report will now automatically open a Customer Service ticket. If a player is breaking the Code of Conduct use /report so the chat log is captured.
  • When you look at an NPC it will now show the armor rating, melee modifier, evil melee modifier, good melee modifier, spell resistances, and spell modifiers.
  • Objects dropped in combat cloud will now always leave the combat cloud with you when you exit.
  • Heroic Barracks is now open for monster slaying!
  • Changed AI on some underpowered Heroic NPCs
  • Changed Glowie drop rate in Gambler's Den to be same rate as Finvarra items
  • Player Analytics engine updated to incorporate more robust pattern recognition for exploit detection.

Kind Regards,

Game Staff & Development Team

July 15, 2018
Changes for July 15th, 2018
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug with client crash reporting.
  • Updated Mysticism code due to SDM changes.
  • Single target Mysticism spells will once again insert the duration of the spell into the combat log.
    — Example:
    Developer says 'Diasu petralt!', pointing at Desert Ratling.
    Desert Ratling is stunned for 9 rounds!
    Desert Ratling reels, unable to take any action!
  • Slightly increased the maximum allowed rounds for Mass Mysticism spells.
  • Slightly thinned out number of bats in FHP
  • Decreased spell damage of Fire Wasps by 40%
  • Helm of Intelligence now provides 25% spell resist and 15% bonus SDM in addition to existing benefits
  • Nightmare Helm now requires level 300. SDM bonus decreased to 10% (same as necro hood) and removed Necro and Mysticism resistance.
July 14, 2018
Changes for July 13th, 2018
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug with combat log for freeze spell, it was improperly displaying "is not longer frozen".
  • Fixed bug where insurance cost was not be calculated properly every time.
  • Fixed bug where "bind on equip" items were not being properly initialized when generated by treasure chest.


  • Updated enchant code to provide "magic bars" when items poof.
  • You can no longer enchant consumables.
  • Permanency now has the same success chance as enchant.
  • Updated logic to make items with SDM more rewarding.
  • Updated Level 1,000 achievement message title to "Way to go!" and inserted some missing text.
  • Fuloran received a little buff
  • Updated client for better crash reporting / analysis.


  • Added level 500 armors to heroic dungeons
  • Added level 600 weapons to heroic dungeons (they also drop in normal dungeons but at a much lower drop rate)
  • Increased drop rates of level 300 weapons
  • Increased drop rates of level 250 armor
  • Increased drop rates in many dungeons that were underperforming
  • Increased drop rates in the Gambler's Den
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