September 15, 2018
Changes for September 14th, 2018


Below are the patch notes for this off-cycle patch. We ran into a few complications with the guild system … it's still being worked actively and we're hoping to get it out to you asap.

  • You can now cast combat shift out of combat.
  • You no longer have to select a target when casting multi blade.
  • Targets that are under "CC" will now turn blue in addition to displaying "CC" above their heads.
  • Damage of poison barrage has been reduced to help with balance before release to players.
  • Summoned creatures will now level set with their summoner. The higher the SDM of the caster the higher level the summoned creature could be.
  • Thieve's Mask changed to 100% invisibility proc chance when hit and added to same drop table as Mage Hat
  • Hood of Shifting now has 100% proc chance when hit
  • Change DP to be a hot zone on Monday
  • Updated combat log to show which item is being hit


Guild System
  • Postponed due to some technical issues. Release will be part of hot fix this weekend or early next week.

The Realm Online Staff

September 4, 2018
Changes for September 3rd, 2018

Hello Realmers,

Thank you for all the love and support especially with the launch of the Sovereign Shop last Friday.

Today's hotfix is mainly focused around drop rates. Check out the notes below!



The previous strategy of bounties were that if you found one it had a much higher (as much as 3x higher) chance at rare loot the corresponding dungeon. This was balanced by increasing how long it would take to find one of these bounties in the open world. The drop rates were meant to be balanced to be close-to-equal loot per hour as running the dungeon; You should be able to hunt in the open world or farm dungeons and get equal opportunity at loot.

The downside to this strategy is that it means there could be very long stretches without any loot in the open world which feels unrewarding.

With this update, we have increased the drop rate for bounties significantly in the open world. To compensate for that, they will now have the same drop rate as running a dungeon for loot. As this is a big change, there are likely more tweaks to follow including what the bounties contain in general along with the rates associated with those items.


Drop Rates

As we move towards our vision of making items a currency as well (via crafting, questing and salvaging for sovereigns) we will need to increase drop rates to ensure the market demand for items does not outstrip the value of consuming them for another means. As such, we have taken the following actions:

  • Increased drop rates for lower level dungeons that were underperforming
  • Increased drop rates in higher level dungeons that were also underperforming
  • Increased heroic drop rates
  • Diversified loot to help provide a more even spread of rare armors across many dungeons


Other Changes
  • Added Dragon Pit as a hotzone on Monday
  • Fixed spell resists on expert level armor
  • Increase spell damage for Moor dragons
  • A new Academy has been constructed in West Leinster specializing in teaching those about the lore of the lands
September 3, 2018

Front yard paradise – Finvanrra's Fort first summer is coming to an end and what better way to celebrate than to do a contest. Fix up the front yard of your house any way you like, use your imagination. The contest will be held on Tuesday, Sept 4th, with registration starting now, and ending any time before then… so start decorating today! Contest will be streamed on Twitch for all to see! Lawns will be judged for creativity, color, and composition. Please Mail Starrie in game or DM me on discord to register your yard for the contest!! Thank you and good luck !!

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