December 24, 2018
Changes for December 24th, 2018

Hello Realmers,

We have applied some changes to attempt to address some server stability issues in the game. Along with these fixes we have also pulled forward the following changes:

Miscellaneous Changes
  • Theurgism usage on potions has been fixed
  • The Minotaur close range poison attack will no longer stun you as a side effect
Summon Changes
  • Increased strength of Summon Doppleganger
  • Increased strength of Illusionary Foe
  • Change the following spells to summon tiers of monsters: Summon Undead, Night Friends, Summon Daemon
    • These spells will now summon different sets of monsters depending on your current level AND your spell power (skill * SDM)
    • E.g. a necromancer with a high SDM at level 1000 may summon King Kilrogs instead of traditional Daemons


Our hope is that Summons become a viable option to diffuse incoming damage in combat to reduce the dependency on pure mysticism!

Bug Reports:

December 22, 2018
Changes for December 21st, 2018

Greetings, Realmers!

With today's patch we've included some minor server bug fixes and the majority of the long anticipate prestige abilities and permanent affects. For more information on prestige please check here:


  • Prestige Abilities have been added for Bleed Attack, Stun Attack, and Armor Ignore Ranks 1, 2, and 3.
  • Prestige Permanent Affects have been added for Sorcerer's Attunement, Adventurer's Might, Melee Perfection, and Agile Perfection
  • You can find the items to memorize these abilities and affects throughout Avalon and Heroic areas.
  • When a target negates a mysticism spell it will now report to the player that it's free will is stronger than the spell being cast. This is to avoid confusion with spell resist.
  • Increased damage for Poison Barrage.


Bug Fixes
  • Wands and Orbs now properly utilize with Theurgism skill & Maximum health.
  • Dungeons being occupied by multiple players after server restart have been addressed. If you see this behavior again please report via forums.


TRO Staff

December 21, 2018
Patch scheduled for December 21st, 2018

Finvarra's Fortress will be coming down at 8PM EST for a quick server and client patch. Prestige permanent affects will be added with this patch: Sorcerer's Attunement, Adventurer's Might, Melee Perfection & Agile Perfection. Prestige ability skill books will also be added for the passive abilities: Bleed Attack, Stun Attack, & Armor Ignore. More information on permanent affects & prestige abilities can be found here: Patch notes will follow the patch.

  • TRO Staff
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