June 4, 2018
Changes for June 4th, 2018
Heroic Dungeons
  • Heroic dungeon preview for all accounts has ended. These dungeons are only accessible by Noble Citizen accounts now
  • Heroic Undead Stronghold slightly tweaked to combat some overfarming
Drop Rates
  • Open World drop rates (bounties) have been increased
  • Sell prices for many shopfood items have been adjusted based on the latest economy data
  • Item descriptions for new armor sets have been updated to better describe the benefits of wearing them
  • Fixed weight of Rangers Helm
  • Fixed a bug where critical hits on spells would cascade in strength
June 3, 2018
Changes for June 3rd, 2018

Hey Realmers!

This hotfix is focused around adjusting drop rates. In general, we launched the server with lower drop rates with the intention of increasing them as we collected data on their performance. We have enough data to perform the first pass of adjustments now.

Drop Rates:
  • Increased drop rates for level 1 BoE items
  • Added unlock to all loot tables that also drop greater identify
  • Swapped a few items around in terms of their dungeon location
  • Removed Nullsword from Barracks
  • Removed Defender from USH

  • Updated memorial lever to teleport on both sides of the lever
June 2, 2018
Changes for June 2nd, 2018

Hey Realmers :wave:

We hope you are enjoying Finvarra's Fortress! We have our first hotfix hot on the heels of the relaunch:

  • Ring of Copper sell price has been reduced
  • The dungeon entrance for 'The Unknown' has been fixed! This dungeon is geared for a team of two Level 1 players and hopes to provide a path to Level 15!
  • Hot zone bonus experience will now be properly applied in Dungeons
  • Added scavenger hunt prizes, contact a Moderator to receive your prize!
  • Level requirements information has been added to the description of items
  • Casting hold will now provide proper text feedback
Server Status
Despothes Grove (Legacy)
0 players
Finvarra's Fortress (Live)
235 players
Elphame's Arena (BETA)