July 23, 2022
Changes for July 23, 2022

An update was released today that contains some game memory optimizations. This should result in fewer game crashes due to 'Out of available handles'.

The game launcher has also been updated with some bugfixes and optimizations. Fatal errors will now show a dialog with the error message. Fixed some bugs preventing people from running the launcher. Downloading and patching the game should be much quicker now. A progress bar for downloading the game and uploading crash dumps has been added. We've integrated a new crash dump reporting system so that we can more easily track and analyze game crashes.

July 13, 2022
Changes for July 13, 2022
Intro Music Rearrangements

We've updated the game with a few additional music tracks that have been rearranged by Alex Williamson. The game's startup music, character selection and creation screens have all been updated. Additional updates to the rest of the music in the game is in-progress and we will update them in game as they get completed.

July 3, 2022
Changes for July 2, 2022

A client update was released with these changes:

  • Music and sound volume is no longer stored per character, but per computer. This also means the in-game volume controls can now affect the startup and character select screen music.
  • The game client no longer force-closes if your display resolution changes while playing.
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