June 15, 2018
Changes for June 14th, 2018

  • Drop rate adjustments
  • Added Salt Mine to beginning of Forgotten Dungeon
  • Return of the "multiplication" blade. Increased base damage of MB and added a modifier to max max damage based on opponents group size. The more opponents the more maximum damage.
  • Added feedback to Mass Fumble and Fumble to display when the target has retention.
  • In respect for the gods all magic has been revoked inside temples
June 13, 2018
Changes for June 12th, 2018
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Character look at screen to properly display min and max damages, and melee damage modifier % based on the weapon skill and associated stat.
  • Fixed Death Wish to properly use characters alignment when casting. This was causing the "backfire" effect to not occur.
  • Fixed Multiblade to recalculate critical strike damage for each NPC instead of a cumulative damage modifier.

  • Removed shield from the Character AR calculation
  • Remove heroic barracks again while we try to fix crashing in this zone
  • Anvil wizard resistances have been adjusted after some player feedback
  • The chest in Enids Safe Haven now required a key to open it

  • Increased proc rate of Hood of Shifting
  • Changed drop rates on bounties to be more proportional to the length of the dungeon they correspond with
  • Enids blessing has been removed from the loot table of ESH
  • Glowies no longer drop in Thieves Hole or Lesser Hive. After much deliberation with players we agreed that The Vault was the best location for them.

Hot Zones
  • Maze added to Tuesday
  • Holy Caves moved to Wednesday
  • The Barracks moved to Wednesday
  • Fuloran's Abode moved to Tuesday
June 11, 2018
Changes for June 11th, 2018
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that would cause hot-zone experience to not be added
  • Increased drop rate of open world bounties
  • Updated item descriptions to more clearly describe their affects
  • The Tutorial Quest line should now work!
  • Enid's Safe Haven now has more required fights and a special key to unlock the end chest
  • The treasure chests in Thieve's Hole can no longer be opened with unlock
  • Wizards in The Anvil no longer shift
  • Wizards in The Anvil no longer cast invisibility 100% of the time on the first round
  • Fixed bug where Mist Mage was casting lightning bolt on himself
  • Heroic Barracks has been added back in
  • Undead no longer resurrect
Server Status
Despothes Grove (Legacy)
0 players
Finvarra's Fortress (Live)
87 players
Elphame's Arena
7 players