June 2, 2018
Newbie Scavenger hunt

Newbie Scavenger Hunt
goal is to acquire all 10 items, place them into a backpack (in the order they appear on the list) and deliver it to a participating staff member. Upon completion, please /t one of our Sentinels/Mods. A list of available staff is available using the /gms command. Remember you have all weekend !!!
List for Newbie Scavenger hunt

  1. Emerald
  2. Ring (any Kind)
  3. Gold Nugget
  4. Silver grass
  5. Lockpicks
  6. Jet
  7. pigweed
  8. Chip of Marble
  9. Goldenberries
  10. Key - any
June 2, 2018
Welcome to Finvarra's Fortress!

Hello Realmers and thank you all for your patience!

Today marks a turning point in the history of The Realm Online! As of now, our new server Finvarras Fortress is officially open.

If you are curious about differences between the two servers, see here:

If you are experiencing any weird issues we'd ask that you redownload the client and do a full re-install as well just in case.

As there is a lot of content being tested for the first time, we'd ask that you please report any bugs or any unusual behaviour to our forums here:

As with any update, there are a few changes to report:

  • For this weekend only we have kept our heroic dungeons open to all account types. We would appreciate any feedback on these dungeons during this time!
  • Name reservations and CTC Horns have been temporarily removed from the legacy server
  • Heroic Barracks has been temporarily disabled on the server
  • The colours and levels at which you acquire baldrics has changed!
  • All characters created on accounts older than July 11th, 2003 will have a crest added to their house on Finvarra's Fortress!
  • Look at bug has been fixed!
Armor Sets

A brand new set of armor has been released, replacing the previous armor sets from Mist Walkers!

  • New dexterity based set
  • New strength based set
  • New caster sets for Necromancy, Thaumaturgy and Elementalism

To begin with, there are two tiers of armors. One with no minimum level, and one with a minimum level requirement of 250

  • Weapon sets for levels 1 and 300 added to drop table (no other weapons are available at this time. They will be coming soon!)
  • Armor sets for levels 1 and 250 added to drop table. Certain pieces drop in various dungeons. The Foundry has an elevated drop chance for this armor!
  • New dungeon, "The Unknown" added at 1R EL TP. This dungeon is meant to show new players what the realm is about. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
June 1, 2018
Check out the latest Retro Zoo podcast!

Hey All,

The Realm Online was featured in the latest episode of the Retro Zoo where we discuss The Realm of the past, present and future.

Also, Faery Queens!


Direct link:

Server Status
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Finvarra's Fortress (Live)
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