February 2, 2020
Test Server Status: Challenger

Known issues:

  • Starting equipment too high, intent is to have enough gold to buy 1 weapon and 1 skill.
  • Potions / Scrolls casting wrong spells
February 2, 2020
Test Server Status: Challenger


The next iteration of the test server is live. Please post feedback in this thread and possible bugs / continuity issues that we find.



December 31, 2019
Changes for December 31st, 2019

Happy New Year, Realmers!

With today's patch we are marking the end of Snowfest and adding some libations for new years.


  • Added new event items to help ring in the new year
  • Snowfest Elves have gone back into hiding
  • Some Winter-themed holiday items can still be found in our global loot table


  • Etherealize can now only be cast on containers such as backpacks or pouches
  • Etherealize has been changed to not destroy the item it was cast on, it will instead clear out any contents of the container
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