September 1, 2018
Changes for August 31st, 2018

Greeting Realmers! :wave:

Today's update is the first of many major content patches we are releasing to usher in prestige. More info about our roadmap can be seen here:


Sovereign Shop

With this patch we are introducing our microtransaction store for Finvarra's Fortress! You can access the store here.

The Sovereign Shop will sell services or redeemable items in game. Because our intention is to NOT encourage P2W, all items here will be cosmetic and not provide any competitive advantage.

Read through the bottom of this post to see a quick FAQ that should help answer any questions you have about our Sovereign Shop!


  • Loot tables have been added for The Maze, Fafnir's Swamp and Dragon Pit
  • Rebalanced/tweaked Dragon Mobs based on the mechanics that Finvarra's Fortress is centered on
  • Gate keeper screen updates for new player assistance
  • Heroic NPC rebalance (including removal of Death Wish from spell table)
  • The East Leinster hangout has received an upgrade


  • All armor sets have received a balance pass. They will now provide more even progression including innate spell resist and progressive SDM increases across many spell circles
  • Anvil Helmets have received a balance pass to bring them in line with our gear progression strategy

More details about what have changed can be seen here:


Sovereign Shop FAQ

How do I get Sovereigns?
You can purchase sovereigns here which will use whatever payment information you have on file for us to process the transaction. If you do not have any payment information registered, you will have to enter it here first

Are Sovereigns tied to my game accounts or my web account?
Sovereigns are registered to web accounts. That means any purchases you make can be redeemed on any character which is linked to your web account. This also means that only users with a web account may purchase or acquire sovereigns.

Is there an in-game Sovereign store?
No, the only way to purchase items or services is through the website store.

Are items bound to me when I redeem them?
No. Items redeemed are not bound.

Where do I buy dyes?
You can buy them on the sovereign shop on our website!

What is a dye pack? Why would I buy that instead of an individual dye?
A dye pack provides a chance of one random dye from a pool of dyes for a lower price than purchasing one individually.

How many dyes are there?
There are currently 63 dyes and 40 dye packs.

I only see four dyes, where are the rest?
The Sovereign Shop inventory rotates every week with a new set of four dyes and dye packs randomly selected.

I forgot my redeem code. How do I get a new one?
You can see all past transactions, including the redeem codes, here!

Does respec allow me to change race or class?
No, the respec only allows you to change your attribute allocation. Changing race or class may be something we offer in the future.

Are there any other ways to get Sovereigns other than money?
We will introduce salvaging rare items (including bound items you no longer need) as a means to acquire sovereigns.

Can I convert Sovereigns to Coppers, or vice-versa?
No - Coppers and Sovereigns serve different purposes

August 29, 2018
State of Development: The Evergreen Post

Greetings Realmers!

Below is the list of current opportunities that we are working on. As items are moved to "complete" status they will be removed from this posting to enable transparency of new items and dates coming on to the list.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask one of our friendly Moderators in game or shoot us on a note on the forums or Discord.

Current status
Name Description Phase Difficulty Est. Patch Release Developer
Sorcery: Sorcerer's Attunement Ability to enchant / perm a 6th affect to items Testing Moderate October Redbeard
Prestige Reset Resets all skills, and returns any veteran spell books learned Testing Moderate October Redbeard
Warrior: Melee Perfection Permanent +1 Attack Testing Easy October Redbeard
Thief: Agile Perfection Permanent +1 Dodge Testing Easy October Redbeard
Basic Guild System Ability to create a guild, invite members, and kick members Testing Hard October Redbeard
Warrior: Warrior's Charge Stuns enemy when weapon skill 6 and charge ability is used Testing Moderate October Redbeard
Thief: Thief's Haste Increased movement rate of character by a factor of 2 Development Moderate October Redbeard
Adventurer: Adventurer's Adornment Spell that gives all party members +15% melee damage Development Moderate October Redbeard
Warrior: Cleave Two handed weapon cleave at skill 6 Development Hard October Redbeard
Thief: Bleed Attack Causes target to bleed and cannot be healed while bleeding Testing Hard October Redbeard
Salvaging System Ability to salvage items for sovereigns and materials Development Hard TBD Jordan
Crafting System Revamp Ability to create master gear and beyond Development Hard TBD Jordan
New Client Skin (Dark Mode) New skin that will modernize the look of the client Development Moderate TBD Grumpy
Dungeon scaling Automatically tweak difficulty of encounters based on number of players in dungeon Testing Moderate October Jordan


Graphic Teasers

New weapons coming soon!

New helms coming soon!
New Helms!

New client skin!


Guild tags showing in gossip.

New Decorations and Storage.


Name Description Phase Difficulty Release Date Developer
Prestige 1 Island New Prestige area town and dungeons Released Moderate 09-28-18 Wolf, Jax, Grumpy, Alexandra
Prestige Level 1 Ability to Prestige one time Released Moderate 09-28-18 Redbeard
Prestige: Increase Skill Cap Increase skill cap to 9 Released Moderate 09-28-18 Redbeard
Necromancy: Poison Barrage Spell that hits all targets with a poison bolt Released Moderate 09-28-18 Redbeard
Thaum Perfection: Mass Heal Spell that mini heals all party members Released Moderate 09-28-18 Redbeard
Elementalism: Summon Elemental Spell that summons an elemental Released Moderate 09-28-18 Redbeard
Character Unghost Command Add ability for players to unghost their linked accounts Released Easy 09-28-18 Redbeard
Bounty Chest Reward Update Guaranteed reward from a bounty chest Released Moderate 09-28-18 Jordan, Redbeard
Death Magic Protection Update Changed logic to apply critical strike modifier before applying the DMP damage reduction. (50%) Released Moderate 09-28-18 Redbeard
Greater Heal / Heal Update Regular Heal consistently healing players to max, Greater Heal fixed to align with Heal. Released Moderate 09-28-18 Redbeard

Best Regards,

TRO Development Team

August 18, 2018
Changes for August 17th, 2018

Greetings Realmers,

Today's hotfix focuses specifically on Drop Rates. See below for details:

  • Increased drop rates in underperforming dungeons
  • Diversified loot for some rare armor pieces amongst many dungeons
  • Lowered Elemental resistance of Minotaurs from 50% to 20%
Server Status
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Finvarra's Fortress (Live)
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Finvarra's Fortress (Test)