May 18, 2018
Game Update Notes: 05/18/2018

Greetings Realmers!

Below you will find the development updates as of today 05/18/2018 and will be deployed tonight at approx 10 PM EST.

Thank you all for your patience. We know you all are very excited to see the startup of the new "Finvarra's Fortress" server and for the new life that has been given to "Despothes' Grove". We have been receiving a lot of feedback about the state of the Despothes' Grove's economy and we've heard you. We've decided to incorporate a gold sink into Despothes' Grove with a new item that will be available 05/27/2018, this item will cost 125,000,000 gold. This cost was calculated based on the average gold per character in the game. This item when used will reserve the consuming characters name forever on all servers. That means the only account that will ever be able to create that name again will be the one that character logged on when it uses the consumable.

We've received some information that players are attempting to receive support for The Realm from an unofficial "The Realm Online" Facebook group and that they're being told that the Norseman Games with whom they're doing business is a fraud. Let me address a few things here:

  • The Realm ("The Realm Online") Copyright is owned by Norseman Games.
  • When you're subscribing you're doing business with Rat Labs LLC.
  • Rat Labs LLC has the exclusive license to host, develop, and distribute The Realm Online.
  • The ONLY official Facebook page:
  • The ONLY official website:
Finvarra's Fortress (Beta) Changes:

  • The Ohm is no longer restricted to warriors
  • Monsters in USH will no longer drop the USH Fist Weapon
  • Fixed bug with many mobs that could drop weapons when they were not supposed to
  • Fixed some bugs with heroic NPCs receiving negative damage
  • Lower SDM boost on Helm of Conqueror and Helm of Fiana to be in line with changes for other helms
  • Rebalanced stats of certain NPCs (mainly dragons) which had enormous numbers
  • In general, Dragon damage has been decreased by about 60%
  • Increased melee strength of Tulor
  • Changed AI and rebalanced stats for some wasps
  • AR is now the averaged across primary armor pieces e.g. helm, cowl, shirt, wristbands, pants, and boots
  • AR displayed in the character "look at" window is the chance that a melee attack will hit armor, this chance is reduced by 50% in PvP
  • Damage reduction is based on the type of armor receiving the hit. e.g. Cloth 5%, Leather 15%, Chain 25%, and Plate 35%
  • Armor reinforcement is a percent chance to totally negate critical strike damage.
  • Spell Resist is now capped at 75% for players and NPCs
  • Town layouts have been updated
Despothes' Grove (Legacy) Changes:

  • Reverted code that fixed permanency and enchant so that enchants will work for weapon damage again
  • Added code for name reservations
  • Fixed bug where coppers would not be saved properly
  • Moved coppers to be account based instead of character based

The Development Team

May 6, 2018
Game Update Notes: May 6th, 2018

:wave: Hello Realmers! We've been working on bringing features forward from MW progressively over the past few weeks and we have a content patch ready to share with many of those changes. Expect changes to increase in frequency as we move toward our June 1st launch for Finvarra's Fortress.

Without further ado, here are the latest changes:

  • Patched in updated dungeons from MW (Naktos, USH, Forgotten Dungeon, Holy Caves)
  • Brought in Heroic Dungeons from MW. These are only accessible by Noble Citizen accounts.
  • Patched in The Foundry from MW
  • Brought in Dungeon loot tables from MW
  • New Newbie dungeon, Rat's Nest, has been added. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Open World
  • Added open world loot tables and open world bosses from MW. Open World bounties will drop as a Statue for now, but this will be changed in the near future
  • Open World Quest NPC's added to West Leinster for Hand In
  • Wardens and Paladins received a buff to make them less of a snoozefest
  • Minotaurs have once again fled to Forgotten Dugeon

  • Removed HoZ from drop table
  • Removed Magic Mace from stores and drop tables
  • Removed newer NG magic items from drop table. This means DP and Konge drop tables are temporarily disabled.
  • Changed NMH Necro Boost to 15% from 100%. This keeps it best in slot for Necro still but not as much of a huge advantage over the Necro Hood.
  • Changed Mage Hat Boost to 15% all circles from 50%. This still is best in slot for nearly all magic circles but other hats remain competitive.
  • Changed sell values on many items to decrease gold inflation
  • Removed Magic Amulets from drop table and from vendors. These were amulets that gave bonus to specific SDM circles such as Elemental Amulet.

Legacy Server
  • Added glowie boots of nimbleness and tripping back into loot table as a rare drop
  • Added a glowie version of all mundane helms as a rare drop
  • Added T-Sash into the loot table as a rare drop

  • Hot Zones are live. Hunting in a Hot Zone will grant you 50% bonus experience if you are a Noble Citizen. Hot zones rotate every day to encourage exploration!
  • The Memorial is back. Visit it by using the lever at the East Leinster teleporter.
  • Updated AI for Minotaurs and Wardens
  • Capped permanency and enchant at 189 SDM
  • New loading splash screen on client
  • Animation speed increase changes are in the client now! Press F12 to increase the animation speed and F11 to decrease.

As always, we'd love to hear your feedback on the above changes after you've tested them!

The best way to do that is via our Forums or inn our Discord

April 27, 2018
Development Update: 04/27/2018

Greetings Realmers!

This week has been pretty busy on some behind the scenes work that doesn't correlate to a lot of excitement for you all, but it does help to develop a stronger foundation for the product that we are planning to deliver to you. We've made some progress on some things like name reservations (yep we think we have a plan for this now), updating world files to bring back the nostalgic layout of the towns, and a whole new magic item progression system. There will be more on this in the next couple of weeks but for now our number one priority is to get the old town layouts back, add in the existing heroic dungeons, and completing the name reservation system.

Finvarra's Fortress (BETA)
  • Adjusted Spell Damage Modifier to increase spell damage as characters go up in level and skill.
  • Fixed bug where SDM increase was not being applied properly.
  • Level set SDM cost modifier so that spells were not too expensive to cast.
  • Added initial shrug chance to fear spell.
Known Issues
  • Some of the the links from the game client will take you to defunct web pages. One of these being the "Sign Up" button when you first launch the client. For more information on how to properly link, register a new account, and perform maintenance on said accounts visit here:

The Realm Online Development Team

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