August 20, 2019
Winners For the Writing Contest

The Fall of The Realm

When the Realm came into creation, things were great for a long time. Then as all things do, the Realm’s prosperity came crashing down hard. The people began dying off en masse. Some had left for other lands, some had perished, and some of their fates are still unknown. Things became dire. The Gods stopped communicating with the populace. There was little hope left for the denizens of the Realm. They ambled onward with the hopes that someday things would change for the better.
Just when it seemed the Realm was on its last legs a savior appeared for the people. The rumor was that this man had descended from a draconic bloodline and therefore was able to not only traverse the Mists, but also able to speak to the Gods. The Gods finally returned to the land and spoke to the citizens. Though some of their Prophets had perished in the Mist War, they had been replaced and were ready again to make the Realm prosper.
Finvarra had fired up his forge again and was back to producing new weapons and armors. Mabon had returned from beyond the Mists with new found magics and began to change spells and introduce new spells. The other Gods set out as well upon the lands to do as Gods are wont to do. It seemed as if the Mists had well and truly been defeated during the Mist War and all was peaceful in the lands. New faces had begun appearing in the Realm as well as old ones returning. It appeared as if the Realm was on the verge of finally making a return to the years of old. However, history has a way of repeating itself and this appearance of prosperity was to be short lived.
Unknown to the Gods or their new augur, there was a plot behind the scenes to usurp the future of the Realm. A cadre of folks from beyond the Mists gathered and set upon their machinations. Walkers of the Mists were not going to give up easily though they had no real plans of a future for the lands of the Realm other than outright power and control. While the citizens of the Realm may have believed the Mist Wars to be over, they were in fact just getting ready to get even bloodier.
This in turn led to the Gods eventually becoming silent once again. The people of the Realm again began vanishing. The land had become barren yet again. The usurper and his henchmen ruled with an iron fist. They molded the Realm into what they wanted with nary a care for what the people of the Realm desired. They began collecting the remaining few citizens precious wealth for themselves in any way that they could. The Realm had finally fallen farther than it ever had in the past. Now the people wait and hope for a better future again.
Luckily for all, the world has a very cyclical nature. What was broken gets fixed only to break again and only to be fixed yet again. Perhaps in due time another savior will appear or perhaps as some Ancient Ones believed, there is yet another Realm in the multivers. One that has prospered and not been corrupted. Only time will tell. May the Mother guide us all through these dark times.

August 20, 2019
Winners For the Writing Contest

The HUGE Loc0 and Ptolomy traverse the Underground
One day the rather muscular Loc0 decided it was hot out, so he wanted to go to the Underground where it is nice and cool. He brought his wise old friend Ptolomy with him. While Loc0 was holding back the hungry mobs of demons, thieves, slimes, and even some reptile thing, Ptolomy decides to cast mass beserk.

P.S. They picked the left chest… don't pick the left chest.
Ptolomy - Please bring scrolls back to SP.

August 20, 2019
Winners For the Writing Contest

One Realm Underworld:2019
So someone caught up with MeanOne, in the Underworld, and got him to tell the new differences between and among the living, dead, overworld, and underworld666.he said: The Underworld of The Realm is a serious place. We have HTLAEH instead of HEALTH6 its red6 and it is much in the many times more of your own HEALTH6 we have 25 times or more of what you upperdwellers have. ANAM down here, purple, it regenerates more and more6 it is a slowly, ever increasing number for us all6 we figured thered be enough room in 64 bits for a slow expansion constant to speed everyone along however, the ANAM is not convertible to gold, as MANA CRYSTALS are. The way to the Underworld was usually the same a tunnel built into a bar or behind a tavern how you speak of these things but this is in Fafnirville. It is a floating, castle-city above Fafnirs Swamp. It is the gateway to all of The Realm. The Cloud Hopper was exiled from there, and all the world bosses come from there, over and over again, to teach us lessons. Everything here is backwards. The item names are all backwards; and the spells are all backwards. The only spells that remain entact are the Sorcery spells. All other spell circles are reversed6 and yrecros is forbidden. There is a slide down to Starries dungeon. You must have Starries key to open the trap door to the heroic, subscriber-only dungeon. It is very difficult to ever leave, because it is an endless series of connected treasure chest rooms. Endless rooms of treasure chests, and in each chest, a Starrie key. There are also many doors, with different names on them. I am starting to
learn their names, but you will have to learn them on your own. The labels make little difference, but they do decry at times, and under certain circumstances a very real influence. Finally, any object dropped from the monsters below taken above turns into Mabonite. One to three pieces of Mabonite we have found. All the monsters are different colors, and DAY has turned into NIGHT. This is actually, the two biggest things we have learned. In the Under-Realm, it is always eternal night6 and the monsters, forests, woods, dungeons, are all slightly different. . . . . There is also a false ladder, and a third ladder, that appear to move around in the Fafnirs swamp. The false ladder leads on and on, one Realmer just climbs, and climbs, on and on, forever and forever, into infinity and beyond, eternally, until they back down just once, and they `scape that l
that ladd-er!! The third ladder leads to somewhere else, but we do not know where! Yet! More soon6..

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