November 28, 2021
Elphame's Arena Beta

We are doing another round of ruleset tests. See below for the changes:


  • Overall reduced the number of zones which permit PvP in them. Zones that permit PvP are now typically higher level areas and will be denoted with (PvP) in their zone name.
  • Adjusted loot tables to be more exclusive from each other
  • Increase world boss spawn rate
  • Ramp up randomization values on hitpoints, mana points, armor and weapon damage.
  • Tweaked enchant chance on items to incentivize higher end items more
  • Disabled item insurance
  • Loot rates in PvP enabled zones are significantly higher than non-PvP zones
November 23, 2021
Changes for November 22nd, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving from the TRO staff!

For the holiday season we have added special season-specific collectible loot and turkey droppers. Also, to celebrate the festive season we will be running 100% Bonus Experience and 50% bonus loot!

November 6, 2021
Changes for November 6th, 2021

Hello Realmers,

Today we released a small update to officially mark the end of our yearly Halloween festival content.


  • Hallows end, fallows and konge and other Halloween content has been disabled and will return next year!
  • Iron Chains will no longer pull summoned creatures. This fixes a bug with Wit's End causing client crashes.
  • New chandeliers added with the halloween patch will now animate properly
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