August 19, 2019
Winners For the Writing Contest

The winner's for the story contest are as follows .
First place - Aidez
Second place - Daniel
Third place - Loco
Thank you to all those that submitted a story. Picking a winner wasn't easy, they were all amazing. Everyone that sent in a story will be receiving a special never seen before prize!!! Congrats to you all ..

August 10, 2019
In preparation of upcoming changes...

Greetings Realmers,

We are still working hard on our upcoming patch and wanted to give the players a heads up on some changes that will likely impact you:
These are not the complete patch notes, they are just a fragment of changes so that players can adjust in preparation…

Heroic Keys
Heroic Keys will be going away; Use all the keys you have now or dispose of them some other way because after next patch they will do nothing.

Coppers will be rewarded at the end of dungeons. We have big plans for coppers and part of those plans includes better controlling the rate of acquisition. This means that we plan on disabling the ability to sell items to get coppers.

Prestige 2
Yes, prestige 2 will be coming next patch. Get your characters to level 1000 to take advantage now!

Prestige Reset
In preparation for Prestige 2, we have disabled purchase of the Prestige Mirror from our Sovereign Shop. In addition, this mirror will only be usable for Prestige 1 characters. We may bring this back in the future, but if you were hanging on to a mirror you will want to use it before you advance your characters to Prestige 2.

That's all for now! We will be sharing more information about what's in this upcoming patch once more testing is complete.

August 1, 2019
Story Writing Contest

Realm Writers Contest
The top 3 winners will get their story implemented into a drop only book!!
Let your imagination flow!
This contest is open to original and unpublished fiction short stories. The story can be in any style. Just keep it clean and keep it Realm related.
The Rules

  • The competition is open to anyone
  • All entries must be submitted before midnight(EST) on Aug 15th.
  • Must be typed
  • 1,000 words or less (including title)
  • Multiple submissions are welcomed but each story must be submitted as a separate entry.
  • All work must be in English
  • Entries will be accepted in Realm magic mail or discord.
  • No changes once submitted
  • The judge’s decision is final
    Three winners will be chosen 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place.
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