Changes for April 20th, 2019

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Jax (Staff)

Hi Realmers,

Today we are releasing our major Spring release. The main themes for this content patch are a new dungeon as well as new prestige abilities. Take a look at our patch notes below for more details!

Happy Easter!
  • With Easter quickly approaching we have added some new event items for the occasion.
  • Easter Bunny's can be found throughout most of the open world bearing eggs for all!

Tunnels of Death
  • The Last Architects of Avalon were contracted by Virulent to build tunnels below the Avalon Grasslands.
  • This is an end game dungeon with all new NPC logic. Only the best will be able to complete this dungeon.

Avalon Access

We are proud of the new content we've built and have opened up access to Avalon to all Noble Citizens regardless of your Prestige status. Dungeons within Avalon still require Prestige.

Passive Cleave

All players (including non-prestiged) now have the passive ability to cleave enemies for a base of 10% splash damage. Cleave range is based on the range of the weapon you are wielding. For example, a 3 square weapon will cleave all enemies around the attacker within three squares for 10% of the damage they dealt. Throwing daggers are excluded.

Our expectation is that this passive ability will help make Melee players more viable in dungeons with large group fights.

Prestige Abilities

Cleave - Requires Critical Striking Skill 6 to learn. Increase the amount of splash damage 5% per skill rank. At rank 3, cleave will deal 25% splash damage.
Shield Bash - Requires Shield Usage Skill 6 to learn. Chance to retaliate and hit opponent with shield when hit.


Prestige Spells

Adventurer's Adornment - Requires Sorcery Skill 6 and Adventurer to learn. +25% melee damage to entire party.
Thief's Haste - Requires Sorcery Skill 6 and Thief to learn. Increases the movement rate of target by a factor of 3.
Mind Rot - Requires Mysticism Skill 6 and Wizard to learn. The spell resist of the targets are reduced by an additional 10% per skill in Mysticism. e.g. Skill 6 = 10%, 7 = 20%, 8 = 30%, and 9 = 40%.

  • Familiar armor no longer requires reagents to craft
  • Reagents and bounties are now resistant to incinerate
  • Shift has been changed to last 15 charges instead of duration. Like Invulnerability, increased SDM does not impact the number of charges but will still impact the duration of the spell.
  • Iron Chains no longer is a "mass mind shackle", it now can pull opponents toward the caster with a chance to delete the shift affect or apply freeze.
  • Summon Illusionary Foe - Spell can only be cast if the group summon count is below 2, it was previously 5.
  • Fixed bug causing worse than expected drop rates in Forgotten Dungeon
  • Removed the dispel proc from enemies in Undead Stronghold
  • Increased strength of NPCs in The Underground
  • Slightly increase spell resistance of some NPCs in Holy Caves
  • Fixed bug that caused some expert armor to require more crafting components than intended
  • Adjust scaling in lower level dungeons to help solo players
  • Event Items - Items will now display HOMEOWNER RESTRICTED in their description if they can only be picked up by you on your lawn or within your house.
  • Prestige Skillbooks - A rank indicator has been added to all prestige skillbook descriptions.

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