Changes for August 11th, 2018

Started by Gimli


Greetings Realmers! Today's hotfix has to do with balancing drop rates and adding some QOL changes. See below for the list.

Also, I would like to wish a very special Happy Birthday to our Lead Moderator, Starrie!

  • Added The Salt Mine to many of the dungeons that were lacking one
  • Increased drop rates for some underperforming dungeons and in some overworld areas
  • Changed AI for some NPCs
  • Removed self-healing from many Heroic NPCs
  • Changed spell resists on many Heroic NPCs


Bug Fixes
  • Regular Imp Haven chest keys will no longer work in Heroic Imp Haven
  • Fixed spell resist on Level 300 jewellery: they were originally designed to be 20/400 which is 5%. They were incorrectly functioning as 20%
  • Fixed some typos in item descriptions
  • Another problematic stump in Greater Hive has been fixed
  • Finvarra's Temple exterior rooms have been updated / fixed

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