Changes for August 11th, 2018

Started by Gimli
Gimli (Staff)

Greetings Realmers! Today's hotfix has to do with balancing drop rates and adding some QOL changes. See below for the list.

Also, I would like to wish a very special Happy Birthday to our Lead Moderator, Starrie!

  • Added The Salt Mine to many of the dungeons that were lacking one
  • Increased drop rates for some underperforming dungeons and in some overworld areas
  • Changed AI for some NPCs
  • Removed self-healing from many Heroic NPCs
  • Changed spell resists on many Heroic NPCs


Bug Fixes
  • Regular Imp Haven chest keys will no longer work in Heroic Imp Haven
  • Fixed spell resist on Level 300 jewellery: they were originally designed to be 20/400 which is 5%. They were incorrectly functioning as 20%
  • Fixed some typos in item descriptions
  • Another problematic stump in Greater Hive has been fixed
  • Finvarra's Temple exterior rooms have been updated / fixed

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