Changes for December 15th, 2018

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Redbeard (Staff)

Greetings, Realmers!

Today's patch includes many changes, bug fixes, and seasonal enhancements! We're excited to share them all with you.

As a reminder utilize the forums for –

Bug Reports:

Any in game issues that you're having please feel free to reach out to any of our friendly game staff. To locate a game moderator online simply type "/gms" in the chat window.



We are happy to release our Snowfest patch! Partake in our many events and limited time content during the holiday season:

  • Updated open world loot tables to add holiday collectibles. You may want to keep them, rumor has it there may be some scavenger hunts!
  • The Towns and Villages of The Realm are in full-holiday spirit and have brought out their decorations to show to all!
  • Try to catch the Elves that drop special items, and rarely drop extra special collectibles for the holiday season!


  • Boss notifications will now appear in both the room and gossip tabs for players.
  • Added new world bosses for most of the remaining Avalon open world zones
  • The unexpected shirt dropping from the Emissary of Light is now permanently part of her drop table
  • Right click to equip is back!


Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug where etherealize could return an invalid value when cast.
  • Fixed bug where multiblade could still be cast even when no opponents were left.
  • Fixed bug where Mass Hold had 100% chance and players could "myst lock" opponents.


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