Changes for December 17th, 2019

Started by Gimli


Greetings Realmers,

We are happy to release our Snowfest yearly holiday seasonal content patch today.

Snowfest 2019
  • Holiday Collectibles have been added to all Open world loot tables.
  • The Towns and Villages of The Realm are in full-holiday spirit and have brought out their decorations!
  • The Pyromancer has returned to West Leinster!
  • Follow the Elves! They can be found in all open world hunting areas. They drop special items on the ground and rarely drop extra special collectibles for the holiday season!


Other Changes
  • Lowered spell resists most NPCs such that 90% is the highest unscaled value. This should help with 0 or -1 damage values being applied.
  • Added new preventative measures to allow players to enter rooms that are currently at max capacity
  • Preparatory enhancements to our item binding system in advance of our new silvers currency being available

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