Changes for December 24th, 2018

Started by Gimli


Hello Realmers,

We have applied some changes to attempt to address some server stability issues in the game. Along with these fixes we have also pulled forward the following changes:

Miscellaneous Changes
  • Theurgism usage on potions has been fixed
  • The Minotaur close range poison attack will no longer stun you as a side effect
Summon Changes
  • Increased strength of Summon Doppleganger
  • Increased strength of Illusionary Foe
  • Change the following spells to summon tiers of monsters: Summon Undead, Night Friends, Summon Daemon
    • These spells will now summon different sets of monsters depending on your current level AND your spell power (skill * SDM)
    • E.g. a necromancer with a high SDM at level 1000 may summon King Kilrogs instead of traditional Daemons


Our hope is that Summons become a viable option to diffuse incoming damage in combat to reduce the dependency on pure mysticism!

Bug Reports:

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