Changes for January 3rd, 2019

Started by SW


  • Items now have a "Rarity" property. This property defines the text color of an item and can be seen when you look at an item.
  • Basements have finally been added, they'll be available at the Sovereign Shop!
  • Souls gathered as a result of casting Duach Vengeance on a target now have a use; The good souls will move you to evil by 20 points, evil souls will move you to good by 20 points and neutral souls will move to neutral by 20 points.
  • The Winter Festivities have ended and the snow has subsided.
  • The Realm's audio system has been overhauled as to enable more dynamic content in the future, as well as great Mac support.


Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug where items not meant to be engraved could be engraved.


On the Horizon
  • Loot tables will become a little more dynamic, we are tightening the grip on the RNG. We have re-written the loot system to generate loot on death of NPCs, and on opening of treasure chest. This allows us to account for time since a valuable item was found, how many NPCs you've killed, your level vs. the opponents level and more. This will be a soft roll out, we will target specific areas of the world and do them one at a time. Since this is a new system and will likely require many tweaks it will be distributed over the course of weeks.

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