Changes for July 13th, 2018

Started by Sam


Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug with combat log for freeze spell, it was improperly displaying "is not longer frozen".
  • Fixed bug where insurance cost was not be calculated properly every time.
  • Fixed bug where "bind on equip" items were not being properly initialized when generated by treasure chest.


  • Updated enchant code to provide "magic bars" when items poof.
  • You can no longer enchant consumables.
  • Permanency now has the same success chance as enchant.
  • Updated logic to make items with SDM more rewarding.
  • Updated Level 1,000 achievement message title to "Way to go!" and inserted some missing text.
  • Fuloran received a little buff
  • Updated client for better crash reporting / analysis.


  • Added level 500 armors to heroic dungeons
  • Added level 600 weapons to heroic dungeons (they also drop in normal dungeons but at a much lower drop rate)
  • Increased drop rates of level 300 weapons
  • Increased drop rates of level 250 armor
  • Increased drop rates in many dungeons that were underperforming
  • Increased drop rates in the Gambler's Den

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