Changes for July 15th, 2018

Started by SW


Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug with client crash reporting.
  • Updated Mysticism code due to SDM changes.
  • Single target Mysticism spells will once again insert the duration of the spell into the combat log.
    — Example:
    Developer says 'Diasu petralt!', pointing at Desert Ratling.
    Desert Ratling is stunned for 9 rounds!
    Desert Ratling reels, unable to take any action!
  • Slightly increased the maximum allowed rounds for Mass Mysticism spells.
  • Slightly thinned out number of bats in FHP
  • Decreased spell damage of Fire Wasps by 40%
  • Helm of Intelligence now provides 25% spell resist and 15% bonus SDM in addition to existing benefits
  • Nightmare Helm now requires level 300. SDM bonus decreased to 10% (same as necro hood) and removed Necro and Mysticism resistance.

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