Changes for July 5th, 2018

Started by Sam


Separate Game Installation

  • The client for Finvarra's Fortress is now separate from the client for the Legacy Server in order to allow us to be free to make internal changes without the risk of breaking the Legacy Server. Your current game installation will continue to function and connect to the Legacy Server. To continue playing on Finvarra's Fortress, please install the new client at
  • This new client might require you to install the Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable if you don't already have it installed (almost everyone should by default). If for any reasons you run into issues launching the client - just install it from the following and it should fix it (will be bundled into the client in the coming days)
  • The game should be playable for significantly longer before running out of handles.
  • You can now interact with the last item in your inventory.
  • There is no longer a need to run sciw.exe as Administrator or with any Compatibility settings enabled. We do still support running on Windows XP.
  • We now play nice with Windows AppData. Your local game settings can now be found in \users\username\AppData\Local\The Realm\
  • Some issues related to running the game with multiple monitors have been fixed. There is one known remaining issue. If there is a monitor above or to the left of your Primary Monitor, moving the game on to that monitor will cause you to be unable to move the game window. We will continue to investigate a fix for this.
  • Better crash reporting has been enabled to help us track down remaining game crashes.


Bug Fixes

  • Copper resell prices have been returned to normal
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible for players to not drop items when they did not have the funds to pay for insurance.
  • Fixed a bug where Crushing Boulder could still stun the target even if they were already under CC.
  • Fixed a bug where spell resistance could go negative when equipping items that took you over the cap. Your resist will now show what it actually is, but only works up to 75%.

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