Changes for June 11th, 2018

Started by Gimli


Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that would cause hot-zone experience to not be added
  • Increased drop rate of open world bounties
  • Updated item descriptions to more clearly describe their affects
  • The Tutorial Quest line should now work!
  • Enid's Safe Haven now has more required fights and a special key to unlock the end chest
  • The treasure chests in Thieve's Hole can no longer be opened with unlock
  • Wizards in The Anvil no longer shift
  • Wizards in The Anvil no longer cast invisibility 100% of the time on the first round
  • Fixed bug where Mist Mage was casting lightning bolt on himself
  • Heroic Barracks has been added back in
  • Undead no longer resurrect

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