Changes for May 30th, 2020

Started by Gimli


2-Year Anniversary of Finvarra's Fortress!

We're excited to celebrate the two year anniversary of Finvarra's Fortress launch. We have some brand new collectible and cosmetic items to share with players and will be running bonus experience and loot rates for a short time as a token of appreciation to our players. Also, you can see the current bonus experience and loot rates by type /serverState now!


Threat System Changes

We have revamped the threat system which is what NPC AI uses to pick targets for spells and combat. We have invested more effort here in order to provide more predictability in combat and hopefully reduce the need to rely on mysticism for difficult encounters. Below is a summary of the changes:

  • Each NPC can now independently track their own threat list
  • 1 point of damage outside of melee range = 1 point of threat
  • 1 point of damage within melee range = 2 points of threat
  • 1 point of healing = 2 points of threat to all opponents
  • Mysticism spell = 25% of remaining health worth of threat to the caster
  • Threat decays at 10% per round
  • At the end of each combat round, NPCs will display which enemy they are targeting based on threat as well as the threat percentage total. For example, "Target: Gimli (65%)" indicates that this NPC will target Gimli next round because he has 65% of all threat against that NPC

Additionally, to help Warriors manage threat we are introducing a new Warrior-exclusive familiar Mysticism spell called Enrage. Enrage is a single target, 0 mana, spell that will add threat equal to half of the remaining target's life to the caster. You can use this to effectively lock on a powerful target to a tank-like character in your party.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on this system and will continue to tweak is going forward in order to provide more engaging combat strategies.


World Boss Changes

We have heard numerous pieces of feedback requesting for changes to our world boss system. In particular, there is concern about some world bosses being continuously camped which makes it impossible for other players to also go after that world boss.

In response to this feedback, we will be running an experiment to tweak our world boss system:

  • There will be no more system announcements when a world boss spawns
  • Using the /bosses command no longer says the name of which bosses are alive but rather just the number of bosses alive
  • Increase spawn rate of bosses


MDM Effectiveness

After much testing we realized that the effectiveness of MDM, particularly bonus MDM found on gear, was lackluster. This holds back the rewarding feeling of increasing in strength as you work hard to acquire new gear.

We've tweaked the formula used to factor in bonus MDM for combat damage such that players should see a noticeable difference when they acquire gear with a higher MDM bonus. In general, melee characters should see a damage increase of 10-30% over what they did before this patch. This should also make the impact of MDM increasing affects such as Adventurer's Stances more noticeable.


Other Changes
  • Increased damage on touch-based spells
  • Enemy NPCs north of Kurz have been replaced with Target Dummies. These are basic NPCs that have no armor but very large reservoirs of HP. We hope this helps players evaluate builds easier.
  • Adjusted drop rates for underperforming dungeons/loot
  • Fixed bug with Multiblade having damage resistance calculated against the caster instead of the target
  • Change combat text to revert to previous state. This addresses a bug where combat text from NPCs was being partially hidden. The combat summaries will be a come back, soon!
  • Incresed damage mitigation value of chain and plate armor types
  • Reduced amount of gold awarded when casting Etherealize

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