Changes for November 22, 2022

Started by rdragon
rdragon (Staff)
Persistent Dungeons
  • Today's update finally removes the concern over 'losing your cave'. If you log out of the game while in a dungeon, or if the game server restarts, your dungeon instance will be restored for you when you log back in, whether you log out for a minute, a day, or weeks.
SCI64 test client
  • We're looking for some help beta testing a core change to the game client.
  • The internal SCI script interpreter has been rewritten from scratch. No longer is it a 16-bit virtual machine from 1994, but now a 64-bit one from 2022. The game's internal memory manager has been expanded to allow the creation of millions of script object handles (from the current limit of 65536), which drastically expands the quantity of things we can have in a single room.
  • If you would like to help test this version of the client, find the sciw64.exe executable in your game directory and use that to play the game. There are a number of extra safeguards put in this version to help catch errors.
  • Note that this is an early test, so please do expect this client to be unstable. We will collect crash reports and fix things up before releasing this as the main client.


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