Changes for November 24, 2020

Started by Gimli


Happy Thanksgiving from the TRO staff!

This patch we are adding seasonal content for thanksgiving as well as adding level 900 weapons to our drop table. See the details below:

  • Added turkey droppers in the open world. Try to chase them as they will drop seasonal collectibles!
  • Added new seasonal cosmetic items
  • Increased duration of elixir illusions from 60 minutes to 6 hours.
  • Elixirs are now event rewards that our event staff can hand out!
  • Added more drops to The Dig and The Underground
  • Added level 900 weapons to the drop table. These weapons are found in dungeons and cannot be found via bounties.

During this festive season we will also be turning on +100% Bonus XP and 50% drop rates.

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