Changes for November 25th, 2018

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Greetings Realmers,

Today's content patch brings QoL updates and reworked world boss mechanics!


World Bosses

World bosses will now spawn periodically instead of always being alive. The current rate is tuned for about one boss per 20-30 mins, however there is a random element that may cause many to spawn in that time frame.

  • Loot that bosses drop have been updated to include multiple guaranteed bounties. Higher level bosses will drop heroic bounties from heroic dungeons.
  • Open world bosses will drop a Bauble of Skill when defeated. This bauble will award the player one additional build point which can be used on regular and prestige skills.
    • Note: The Prestige Reset mirror will reset your build points to 30. If you use a Bauble of Skill and then the mirror, you will not get the additional build point back!
  • When a boss spawns, a system announcement will go out so all players can see it
  • When a boss is defeated, another system announcement will go out
  • You can always see what bosses are alive by using the /bosses command!


  • A new enemy type has emerged into the Avalon Dunes. Where they are from and why they are there is a mystery. Can you defeat this new threat?
  • Avalon Grasslands are now inhabited by different NPCs!
  • There are rumors of two new world bosses in Avalon, but who is skilled enough to defeat them?


Dungeon Changes

Based on player feedback, we have performed the following quality of life updates on some of our existing dungeons. This is an ongoing effort and we'd love to hear more from you about additional changes we can make to existing content! :smile:

Warrior's Abode

  • Paladins have evacuated Warrior's Abode!


  • Riddles removed from door

Snake Pit

  • Riddle removed from last chest. Last chest updated as a rare loot destination.
  • Increased monster density
  • Increased difficulty of fights as you move further through the dungeon. There should be a more consistent experience curve through the dungeon now.
  • Replaced Earth Elementals with King Kilrogs

Imp Haven

  • Increase monster density
  • Increased difficulty to create a more balanced and rewarding levelling experience

Naktos' Morgue

  • Removed lever required to open Bone Pit area. Naktos will now drop a key to enter this part of the dungeon.

Newbie Dungeons

  • All pieces of Familiar armor can now drop at any low level dungeon instead of being partitioned like Proficient and Expert gear


Game Balancing
  • Removed shrugging from NPCs
  • Updated "initial shrug" message to say "resist spell"
  • Removed spell resist from beneficial spells like heal, greater heal, and shields
  • Balanced Mass Heal (over performing) aligned with heal, and greater heal
  • Add strength damage bonus modifier to critical strike
  • Add Intel and Dex chance bonus modifier to critical strike
  • Add Endurance movement bonus modifier to movement rate
  • Add feedback for when items are destroyed and for every damage tick when item is below 10 durability


TRO Development Team

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