Changes for October 14th, 2018

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Good Afternoon, Realmers!

Today we are releasing our seasonal Halloween content patch. Read more below for details!

Halloween Seasonal Patch

Hallows End

The temporary Hallows End dungeon has been added to game during this seasonal event. Enter the dungeon, if you dare! This dungeon is aimed for players of medium level range and those who venture to defeat the Jack O' Terror will have a rare chance at a unique cosmetic helmet!


Fallows and Konge

Fallows and Konge have been added to Finvarra's Fortress during the Halloween Update. Discover its entrance as you adventure through the open world, and be greeted by new NPC types and challenges!


Content Drops

The following seasonal item drops have been added to the game:

Jack O' Lanterns

  • Many house placeable items have been added to the open world drop table
  • Some Jack O' Lanterns are reserved as rewards for our Mod events, so be sure to participate when you see one start!

Pumpkin Helmets

  • Unique set of Pumpkin Helmets in Konge and Fallows as rare drops
  • Orc and Minotaur mask as rare drop in Konge and Fallows
  • Unique set of Pumpkin Helmets in Hallows End


Prestige Updates

  • Added prestige reset item that will be available via MTX. This returns any learned spells, resets all skills to grand-master, and sets build points back to 30.
  • Added equipment repair deeds that repair all items and will be available via MTX.
  • Added hometown deeds that will change the hometown of the character when used and will be available via MTX.
  • Added rings to take the place of robe (males) and skirt (females) that can be enchanted for those that prefer the no robe / skirt view. These will be available via MTX.
  • Completed server implementation for Bleed Attack, and Warrior's charge. This will be pushed with the next update as we need to add a new consumable to the client for it.
  • Completed server implementation for permanent affects: Sorcerer's Attunement, Adventuerer's Might, Melee Perfection, and Agile Perfection. This will be pushed with the next update as we need to add a new consumable to the client for it.


Server-Side Fixes / Updates

  • Fixed bug where non-prestige players could enter the prestige dungeon by being summoned.
  • Fixed bug where player's could memorize skill 6 books without prestiging. The players that did so will have all skills set back to grand-master. The prestige spells have been gated behind skill requirements now.
  • Fixed bug where a player could potentially log the same character in twice under certain conditions.
  • Fixed bug that allowed player to crash server.
  • Fixed bug where player could engrave certain things that are not supposed to be engraved.
  • Added "Jail" command
  • Updated /report command to be more accessible by moderators. Please utilize this feature to request help from Moderators. Moderator's have been asked to not address in game issues without this.



  • Updated combat chat to clearly display total damage dealt and added color coding to differentiate damage types


User Interface

Lots of changes, below are a few highlights. The idea is to modernize and improve where possible. We want the UI be a window to the game instead of competing for your eye.

  • Overall dark theme with wood accents
  • Larger buttons on frequently used windows
  • Combat selector has been redesigned for ease of use.
  • Extended account selection drop down for the multi-boxers out there
  • Inventory has been made longer
  • General options has numbers for the speed instead of speedy and so on
  • Removed lots of strange text glows (ie: character selection names)


Not Changing
  • Character Selection
  • Character Creation
  • Look at window
  • Click an object or person window


Dungeon Scaling

[edit: Forgot this part, sorry!]
Dungeon scaling has been added to all heroics as well as Dragon Pit, Holy Caves and Greater Hives. The dungeon difficulty will scale based on the number of players. Each dungeon has its own scaling factor based on the difficulty. More information about dungeon scaling can be seen on our previous patch notes here:

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