Changes for October 17th, 2019

Started by Gimli


Hello Realmers,

Today we are excited to release our seasonal Halloween content patch! In addition to the existing seasonal content, we are bringing in some new spells and a revamped dungeon. Read below for all of the details!

Seasonal Content

Our seasonal content for Halloween is back!

  • Explore the open world zones: Fallows and Konge
  • Spelunk within Hallows End, a Halloween-themed dungeon
  • New Halloween pumpkins available from your local Farmer's Market
  • New Halloween baldric and masks to be found
  • New event items added for Fall / Thanksgiving


Church of Damnation

Church of Damnation has been revamped to be a sister dungeon to Holy Caves (sharing some of the same loot tables). The layout has been "adjusted" with some tricks in store courtesy of Duach.


New Spells
  • New Spell: Dark Bargain - Rank 7 Necromancy spell which will either deal damage or heal all in the combat cloud based on their alignment. The strength of the damage is exponential based on alignment.
  • New Spell: Memory - Location - Rank 6 (Veteran) Sorcery spell that is used to mark a Scroll of Memory with your current location (cannot be used in Dungeons / Seasonal areas). Sold in shops.
  • New Spell: Memory - Recall Location - Rank 5 (Grand-Master) Sorcery spell that is used to teleport you to the room the Scroll of Memory was marked in. Sold in shops
  • New Scroll: Scroll of Memory - Used in combination with the Memory spells mentioned above. Sold in shops


  • Evil Heroic NPCs have Dark Bargain added to their spell table
  • Increase effectiveness of Curse spells from 25% to 100%
  • Reduced strength of some bosses in The Dig
  • Fixed bug with Duach's Vengeance where necromancy resistance was not being applied to the damage it was dealing
  • Fixed bug where build points would be subtracted if you didn't meet the requirements to learn an ability
  • World boss spawning information will now appear in a separate tab in game

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