Changes for September 14th, 2018

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Below are the patch notes for this off-cycle patch. We ran into a few complications with the guild system … it's still being worked actively and we're hoping to get it out to you asap.

  • You can now cast combat shift out of combat.
  • You no longer have to select a target when casting multi blade.
  • Targets that are under "CC" will now turn blue in addition to displaying "CC" above their heads.
  • Damage of poison barrage has been reduced to help with balance before release to players.
  • Summoned creatures will now level set with their summoner. The higher the SDM of the caster the higher level the summoned creature could be.
  • Thieve's Mask changed to 100% invisibility proc chance when hit and added to same drop table as Mage Hat
  • Hood of Shifting now has 100% proc chance when hit
  • Change DP to be a hot zone on Monday
  • Updated combat log to show which item is being hit


Guild System
  • Postponed due to some technical issues. Release will be part of hot fix this weekend or early next week.

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