Changes for September 28th, 2018

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Hello Realmers! :wave:

Today we are proud to release the Prestige content patch. This marks the first major content release since the launch of the server!



Players who have reached level 1000 may now Prestige. When a character is prestiged, they:

  • Are reset to level 1
  • Build points are reset to 30 which can be used to spend on new prestige-only skills
  • Have a special banner displayed across their character portrait when looking at them
  • Have exclusive access to the prestige area: Avalon
  • Have exclusive access to our new dungeon: The Underground
  • May train rank 6 skills which will increase MDM or SDM for the related skill.
  • May learn special abilities unique to prestige characters to increase the power of their characters.
    • We are launching with Mass Heal, Poison Barrage and Summon Elemental. Further prestige skills will be patched in and you can follow the progress here


  • New overworld area: Avalon
    • New NPC types and AI
    • Overworld NPCs may drop bounties from many dungeons including The Underground
    • note: Some areas have placeholder NPCs for now and will be getting new ones in the coming weeks
  • New Dungeon: The Underground
    • Conquer the depths of The Underground available exclusively for Prestige'd characters for a chance at the Avalon Sky Baldric or the damage amplifying shield, the Weighted Aegis
  • Prestige-only spells: Mass Heal, Poison Barrage, and Summon Elemental added to drop table in prestige lands and dungeons


  • Added new command: /reset <character name> which can be used to log out a character who has been ghosted. This only works for characters who are linked to your web account.
  • Bounties will now always grant a reward
  • Fixed bug which caused DMP to work incorrectly


Dungeon Scaling

We have introduced dungeon scaling as a beta-test specifically to Anvil. We have change the difficulty curve to be responsive to the number of players in the dungeon. The philosophy behind this change is that content was too difficult for group sizes of 1-2, but too easy for group sizes of 5-6. We hope the scaling helps even out the difficulty curve:

  • Most content should be doable albeit difficult for 1-3 players
  • Content should be faster to clear with a large group although it may be more difficult than before
    Scaling works by:
  • Increasing or decreasing Melee and Spell damage of NPCs
  • Increasing or decreasing spell resistances of NPCs


:heart: We'd love to hear from you! :heart:

Please tell us how the new content plays and if there's anything that you'd like to see change!

The best way to reach us is via our forums or our discord!


Prestige FAQ

What level do I need to be to prestige?
You need to be level 1000 to prestige

How do I prestige?
Purchase a Prestige Token 5 screens right from the Silverbrook teleporter. Warning: You must be level 1000 to successfully use the token. If you try to use it before level 1000, the token will be consumed and you will not be prestiged

How many times can I prestige?
As of this writing, you may only prestige one time. We are planning on grouping major content releases with prestige levels going forward.

What's the max level after I prestige?

How do I get to the prestige lands?
Talk to a teleporter or use your teleport skill, and then teleport to the Island of Avalon at the top right.

Do I need to be noble to prestige?

What happens if I have a prestige character on a Citizen account?
The character will remain usable and accessible but you will lose access to all prestige areas.

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