Crafting Update

Started by Gimli


Greetings Realmers!

I'd like to offer an update on our crafting content patch. Testing is going very well and we've receive some tremendous feedback from our internal testers. The feedback has been so valuable, in fact, that we've made a bunch of changes to improve the overall experience with crafting.

The unfortunate side effect of this feedback is that we've had to push back our planned release by one week to February 8th.

As a sneak peek at some of the changes:

  • Made number of items required to craft an item consistent across all tiers (2x Padding, 2x Reinforcement, 2x Pattern)
  • Replaced slot-specific components of Paddings and Reinforcements to generic ones, e.g. "Proficient Padding"
  • Change third component to be a "Pattern" which is slot specific, e.g. "Proficient Helmet Pattern"
  • Made conversion rates across tiers consistent. It should now take about 6 items of the previous tier to acquire one of the next tier.
  • Added a 25-use salvage tool. It cannot be recharged or repaired.

As an example of the new recipe, a Master Helmet will require:
2x Master Padding
2x Master Reinforcement
2x Master Helmet Pattern
1x Reagent

Please note that until we have released the content, any of this is subject to change!

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