Development Update: 04/27/2018

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Greetings Realmers!

This week has been pretty busy on some behind the scenes work that doesn't correlate to a lot of excitement for you all, but it does help to develop a stronger foundation for the product that we are planning to deliver to you. We've made some progress on some things like name reservations (yep we think we have a plan for this now), updating world files to bring back the nostalgic layout of the towns, and a whole new magic item progression system. There will be more on this in the next couple of weeks but for now our number one priority is to get the old town layouts back, add in the existing heroic dungeons, and completing the name reservation system.

Finvarra's Fortress (BETA)
  • Adjusted Spell Damage Modifier to increase spell damage as characters go up in level and skill.
  • Fixed bug where SDM increase was not being applied properly.
  • Level set SDM cost modifier so that spells were not too expensive to cast.
  • Added initial shrug chance to fear spell.
Known Issues
  • Some of the the links from the game client will take you to defunct web pages. One of these being the "Sign Up" button when you first launch the client. For more information on how to properly link, register a new account, and perform maintenance on said accounts visit here:

The Realm Online Development Team

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