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Gimli (Staff)

We have opened up our beta seasonal server for testing purposes. During the test as well as at the end of the testing phase, all character data will be erased in preparation for the formal launch.

Seasonal Servers are a way for us to launch branch new disruptive mechanics in a server that has a limited life span. When a season starts, every character will be brand new starting from scratch and at the end of the season the server will be deleted permanently. During the season, you will be able to earn unique rewards which are claimable on our Finvarra's Fortress server.

Being able to start a new server with a limited lifetime allows us to build radically new content in a way that isn't a continuous treadmill of progression. It also allows everyone to capture that initial wonder of entering a new world again with absolutely nothing, scrapping for every bit of gear you can find.

A summary of the ruleset that this server has at the moment is available by reading the "Server Ruleset" book in your inventory when you create a character.

We would love to hear your feedback about what you like/don't like. Please provide this on our forums to make sure we can all see and collaborate on that feedback.


Summary of Ruleset

World Area
The World Area has been significantly compressed to only include two towns: Leinster and Kurz. Along with this reduction in world size, there are fewer dungeons and the dungeons locations have changed.

Exploring the world will be more challenging as city Gatekeepers can no longer teleport you.
Experience Rate
The max level for this server is level 100. The experience rate has been reduced as well as the experience cap per fight in order to slow progression down.

The decisions you make about where to invest your build points will matter here!

In addition to experience rates decreasing, the experience penalty for dying has increased as has the price it costs to insure your inventory from dropping items. Be careful, as you will begin to lose experience and items starting at level 10!

Mana crystals are now a constrained resource - they can no longer be bought from stores and can only be found by exploring the world. Be careful when choosing which spells to cast as you may run out of mana before you know it!

Player versus Player
Player versus Player is now permanently enabled for all players. You should also keep a close eye on thieves nearby as the pickpocket rates have been increased!

Player versus Player is disabled while in the Havenwood zones but other open world zones will leave you vulnerable to attack by your peers!

In order to level the playing field for players, the maximum group size has been reduced from 6 to 2.

Gold will be a more precious resource as sell prices have been decreased and repair costs have been increased.

Enchantments and permanance on items has been disabled. You will now need to find items that have the innate stats that support your character the best!

But fear not - item binding has been DISABLED. Feel free to acquire, trade (or steal!) items from each other at will.

As mana becomes more scarce, you may find yourself relying on magic items such as orbs or wands more often. These now are dropped fully charged - however they cannot be recharged.

Lastly, level requirements on some items have been decreased to conform to the new level cap.



Does this mean Finvarra's Fortress is dead?
No - Finvarra's Fortress is our permanent "home" server. While playing on the seasonal servers after they have formally launched, you will earn rewards which are claimable on Finvarra's Fortress. Mechanics or items that players find compelling will be retrofitted into Finvarra's Fortress assuming it makes sense.

Also, we will continue to push content to our permanent server as we normally have!
How long will the beta be around for?
We intend to launch the first season formally early next year. Ultimately, as we collect feedback and hunt down bugs that may affect this.

How long is a season?
Right now we are targeting between 1-3 months. However we are very open to player feedback on this. The only non-negotiable is that the season must end eventually.

Will my characters be wiped?
Yes, your character data will be wiped before the formal launch.

I read that there are rewards for playing on the server, what are they?
At beta launch time, there are none available. We want to play test the mechanics changes and hear feedback from players to make sure the ruleset is fun before building a new reward system.

In terms of what to expect, are experimenting with many reward types such as new cosmetic items, house decorations, banners, awards or statues.

Gimli (Staff)
Elphame's Arena Patch Notes - December 6th
  • Increased base carry capacity of all players
  • Adjusted some overperforming dungeons drop rates
  • Increased price for Repair and Insurance
  • Adjusted Targoth's Tomb layout
Gimli (Staff)
Planned Downtime - Elphame's Arena

Thank you to all who have taken time to play test a radically new ruleset. We appreciate the candid feedback and have lots of bugs and mechanics to tweak based on it. As a reminder, if you would like to provide feedback, the best way to do that is on our forum in this post:

We will be taking Elphame's Arena down tonight at 10PM EST in order to begin developing the second round of ruleset changes. These changes are in direct response to the feedback players have provided us. The server is planned to return this coming weekend with a fresh set of changes to play test and collect feedback on.

Elphame's Arena is a canvas for us to collaboratively paint together. Thank you to the players who have taken time to help create it!

TRO Staff

Gimli (Staff)
Elphame's Arena - Ruleset Changes

Here is a quick summary of the changes going in for this weekend's testing phase:

  • Mana is now a regenerating resource. Mana pool based on intelligence + level. Mana regen rate dependent on meditation skill. Mana will regenerate out of combat every 30 seconds.
  • To compensate for the lack of enchantments, the threshold for encumbrance penalty has changed from 35% to 65%.
  • Experience earned is now computed on a bell curve in order to ramp up low levels and slow down progress as you level up.
  • The experience penalty for dying has decreased from 2000 to 1000.
  • The maximum experience earned in combat has changed from 1000 to 2000.
  • Re-Enable Gate Keepers teleporting to homes
  • Removed all FF-style magic items (e.g. familiar, proficient armor and magic weapons)
  • Restored classic 3.x drops (Plate of Invulnerability, Vulcan's Edge, etc…)
  • Removed Mythril armor and weapons from stores - these can only be found via drops now.
  • Admantium and Obsidianite armor and weapons added as rare drops.
  • Adjusted NPCs in open world to better distribute NPCs based on level.
  • To encourage open world hunting, all open world areas are permanently hot zones. Dungeons can no longer be hot zones.
  • Decreased default flee chance from 100% to 50%

There are more changes planned in future testing phases. As always we'd love to hear your feedback on the test to ensure that when we formally launch we have a great experience for everyone!

The best place to share feedback is in this thread:

Gimli (Staff)
Elphame's Arena - Ruleset Changes

Thank you to all of our testers so far. We have collected some fantastic feedback and are back with a fresh set of changes. These changes will be deployed shortly after the Finvarra's Fortress holiday patch later tonight.

Key learnings from last weekend's test were:

  1. Fixed mana pool works well but the mana pool starts too low and grows too fast.
  2. The bell curved experience was good although perhaps a little too fast.
  3. Magic items like potions, wands and orbs were underperforming with Theurgism.
  4. Melee focused players struggle quite a bit when it comes to fighting more than one NPC.
  5. Although PvP is great, instanced dungeons are still the hot spot for players to go to which negates the impact and danger.

Summary of Changes:

  • Tweaked Maximum Mana calculation to be based on mediation rather than purely intelligence and level.
  • Increased frequency of regenerating mana from 30 seconds to 15 seconds.
  • Increase effectiveness of Armor Rating and Shields for damage reduction. When a shield blocks damage it has a chance equal to it's armor rating to completely negate damage received.
  • Increased default damage of cleave from 10% to 50%.
  • When attacking with melee, players will now stay focused on their target until it dies. This means your attacks won't be consumed by "retaliation" hits when fighting more than one creature.
  • Tweaked the peak of the bell curved XP from 50 to 35.
  • Lowered XP rate.
  • Increased impact of theurgism on magic items.
  • Increased base duration on many spells.
  • Fixed starting skills for wizards to add points in short sword versus dagger. Also grant 1 skill in meditation.
  • Lower Wolf and Fenris NPC base acrobatics skill to make them a little less annoying to fight.
  • Warrior NPCs are now more likely to have an actual weapon when fighting.
  • Lowered amount of gold stolen by NPC thieves.
  • Lowered repair and insurance costs.
  • Rebalanced NPCs in Targoths to bet a better lower-level dungeon.
  • Ogre caves has been added as a playable dungeon. Fuloran's Abode and Tulors have been removed for now.
  • All dungeons (with the exception of the newbie 'Unknown' one) are now open world shared zones.
  • Hot zone experience moved from all open world zones to all shared dungeon zones.
  • Dungeons now have own unique world bosses that may spawn within and carry the rare loot for that dungeon.

There are more changes planned in future testing phases. As always we'd love to hear your feedback on the test to ensure that when we formally launch we have a great experience for everyone!

The best place to share feedback is in this thread:

Gimli (Staff)
Elphame's Arena - Changes (Dec 21)
  • Fixed bug where Imp City was not being treated as an open world dungeon properly.
  • Increased drop rate of rare items on miscellaneous dungeon mobs
  • Lowered level of dungeon bosses to be more in line with the monster level of the dungeon itself
  • Increased density of monsters inside of dungeons
Changes for Dec 22nd
  • Moved Targoth to correct dungeon
  • Significantly lowered repair and insurance costs
  • Added better debugging to trace down pesky content bugs
  • Fixed unintentionally locked door in Ogre Caves
Gimli (Staff)
Elphames Arena Changes - Changes (Jan 7th)

Troll Leather, Mythril, Obsidianite and Admantium armor now has rarity values applied to it in descending order. In addition, any dropped item that has rarity may go through a randomization algorithm that will:

  1. Randomize Damage, Weight and Armor ratings.
  2. Apply an enchantment or permanence.
    Weapon perms may be any of: Fire, Lightning, Cold, Poison or Acid damage.
    Armor enchantments may be: Improve Armor, Regeneration, Immolation (Any of fire, cold, lightning or acid), as well as Elemental shields>
    This list is intentionally omitting adding enchantments for base stats such as strength, dexterity, endurance or intelligence.

Items with higher base rarity have a higher chance of receiving good "rolls" on stats and enchantments.

Misc Changes

  • Properly applied rarity to magic items that were missing them (e.g. Boots of Nimbleness)
  • Upgraded rarity of many items to compensate for new randomization logic
  • Lower out of combat animation speed
  • Show mana bar as a resource that regenerates in UI
  • Lower charge count on shift from 25 to 10
  • Change rings and amulets that drop around the havenwood area
  • Increase damage mitigation of plate armor from 65% to 75%
  • Lower damage of multiblade to be more proportional to its mana cost
  • "Plugging" in pvp combat will instantly kill the player instead of decreasing health by half
  • Updated randomized NPC placement in open world dungeons to be in better locations
  • NPC spawning in open world dungeons will now automatically group with any other NPC on the same screen
  • Removed Master and GM spells from stores. They are find-only now
  • Tweaked drop rates all around

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