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Frequently Asked Questions last updated April 10, 2018
What will happen to the (MW) server?

It will close on June 1st, 2018. The current MW server is considered a beta for the new official licensed server (named Finvarra's Fortress) launching June 1st, 2018. The legacy server (named Despothes Grove (Legacy) will be kept in tact.

How can I gain access to my old realm account (legacy server)?

Email with all the details you can remember: login username, password, and character names, levels, etc… A customer service representative will try to find your account and will communicate with you via email if they are able to locate your account. They will also be able to reset your passwords. Note: There were periodic wipes made by Norseman Games so there may be a chance that your account no longer exists.

Who is Rat Labs?

Rat Labs, LLC was formed by existing Developers from the MistWalkers private server who wanted to legitimize their involvement with TRO development.

What will be different on the new server?

Everyone will start fresh. Some features that were popular in the beta server (MW) will be implemented in the new server. This new server is planned to be able to connect with a new client that is being developed in Unity or Unreal Engine 4 about late 2020. This will allow people to play on multiple platforms HTML5, iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, and Windows. The new client will include a modernization of graphics while maintaining the original look of the Realm Online.

What are the new features on the new server?
  • Insurance - If you died you had the option to pay a 10% of the value of the items in your inventory instead of losing random items
  • Group experience - Gain an extra 10% experience with another character in the fight
  • Myst shrugging - No more 100% myst resistance and guaranteed 8 round holds
  • New weapons (weapon/armor procs) - Stronger weapons
  • Overworld Bosses - Bosses that had a chance to drop better loot and gave better experience
  • Overworld Regional Bounties - Have a chance to loot items dropped from dungeons
  • Prestige - You hit level 1,000 you can “prestige” and start over to level 1 and increase your skills to be stronger
  • Prestige Areas - You can access new content and exclusive areas for level 1,000 and beyond
  • Heroic dungeons - Dungeons that were buffed with stronger monsters and better loot
  • Hot Zones - Bonus experience on a daily rotation for dungeons and overworld areas
  • Level 750 Baldric
  • Parts of a new crafting system
  • Critical striking spells - spells have a chance to hit harder
  • Dungeons stay - Even if you get disconnected dungeons will be active for an additional 15-20 minutes so you can continue where you left off

I played on MW do I get a reward for being a beta tester?

Yes, please join the discussion here:

Will the new server be free-to-play?

Yes, more details can be found here:

When I purchase a noble citizen subscription what does that mean?

You will receive premium benefits on both the legacy (Despothe’s Grove) and the new server (Finvarra’s Fortress). More information can be found here:

How can I get started?

Follow directions here:

I have game suggestions and ideas. Where do I put them?

Make an account on and go to this portion of the forums:

I found a bug. Where do they go?

Make an account and then go to this portion of the forums:

How will billing be handled?

Rat Labs, LLC will be responsible and it will show up as RAT-LABS.COM REALMONLI. All payments are processed through stripe, RatLabs does not store any payment information and does not have access to unmasked payment information.

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