Game Update Notes: May 6th, 2018

Started by Gimli


:wave: Hello Realmers! We've been working on bringing features forward from MW progressively over the past few weeks and we have a content patch ready to share with many of those changes. Expect changes to increase in frequency as we move toward our June 1st launch for Finvarra's Fortress.

Without further ado, here are the latest changes:

  • Patched in updated dungeons from MW (Naktos, USH, Forgotten Dungeon, Holy Caves)
  • Brought in Heroic Dungeons from MW. These are only accessible by Noble Citizen accounts.
  • Patched in The Foundry from MW
  • Brought in Dungeon loot tables from MW
  • New Newbie dungeon, Rat's Nest, has been added. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Open World
  • Added open world loot tables and open world bosses from MW. Open World bounties will drop as a Statue for now, but this will be changed in the near future
  • Open World Quest NPC's added to West Leinster for Hand In
  • Wardens and Paladins received a buff to make them less of a snoozefest
  • Minotaurs have once again fled to Forgotten Dugeon

  • Removed HoZ from drop table
  • Removed Magic Mace from stores and drop tables
  • Removed newer NG magic items from drop table. This means DP and Konge drop tables are temporarily disabled.
  • Changed NMH Necro Boost to 15% from 100%. This keeps it best in slot for Necro still but not as much of a huge advantage over the Necro Hood.
  • Changed Mage Hat Boost to 15% all circles from 50%. This still is best in slot for nearly all magic circles but other hats remain competitive.
  • Changed sell values on many items to decrease gold inflation
  • Removed Magic Amulets from drop table and from vendors. These were amulets that gave bonus to specific SDM circles such as Elemental Amulet.

Legacy Server
  • Added glowie boots of nimbleness and tripping back into loot table as a rare drop
  • Added a glowie version of all mundane helms as a rare drop
  • Added T-Sash into the loot table as a rare drop

  • Hot Zones are live. Hunting in a Hot Zone will grant you 50% bonus experience if you are a Noble Citizen. Hot zones rotate every day to encourage exploration!
  • The Memorial is back. Visit it by using the lever at the East Leinster teleporter.
  • Updated AI for Minotaurs and Wardens
  • Capped permanency and enchant at 189 SDM
  • New loading splash screen on client
  • Animation speed increase changes are in the client now! Press F12 to increase the animation speed and F11 to decrease.

As always, we'd love to hear your feedback on the above changes after you've tested them!

The best way to do that is via our Forums or inn our Discord

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