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In both cases you will get automatic email notifications when we are working on your ticket and when we have completed them.

If you need to escalate you may still email us at but keep in mind this is a high traffic inbox that may take longer to respond to.

Hey Realmers :wave:

We have been blown away by the energy and enthusiasm from the community about The Realm. This has been a two-sided coin for us at Rat Labs because we have been completely inundated with support requests to recover accounts and provide other general support.

First, if you had previously sent an email to recover an account and we have not responded - sorry! We weren't expecting so much traffic. I promise you we will get to all emails and appreciate your patience.

The high volume of requests has been a problem for us as we monitor the email which doesn't have a great ticket tracking system. For example, it's not obvious which emails have been handled or not, it's not clear if another staff member is handling requests or if one request somehow slipped through the cracks.

To combat this, we now have a ticket tracking system for support which should allow us to understand what requests are outstanding and who is dealing with them.

Thanks for your understanding!

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