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Greetings all,

Unfortunately, since the recent announcement of Rat Labs joining together with Norseman Games to develop The Realm Online, there have been many threats made to the staff members on both Rat Labs and the Norseman Games teams. In addition, we received an anonymous message today stating some old information was going to be or had been leaked. This does not affect any accounts that you created on or since Rat Labs launched this new website.

There is no evidence of this being factual, nor do we believe it to be. NG is investigating this extensively to see if anything of the sort happened. As a precaution and because we prefer to be proactive rather than reactive, we ask that if you are using the same password you had prior to the transition to Rat Labs that you take the time and change your account password as well as your home password to prevent any of these people with a vendetta from having any power over the future of this game. All unlinked account passwords have also been changed to protect them as well, and we’ll work with anyone looking to reactivate their old accounts to get them their credentials in a timely manner!

We here at Rat Labs are protective of our community - we have, and will continue to always be truthful with our players.


Rat Labs and Norseman Games

Changing your game account password is easy!

1. Log into your web account

2. Navigate to the Game Accounts page

Click here to go to the game accounts page

3. Scroll to the account you wish to change your password for

4. Click on the Reset password hyperlink

5. Enter your new password and click on the Reset Password button

6. You will see a notification indicating your password has been changed

That's it!

Please note: this changes your game account password only - not your house password!

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