Podcast: The Retro Zoo Super Show (feat. Amanda/Redbeard)

Started by KruuuuZe
KruuuuZe (Staff)

Thank you to the TechnoFunkBoy.com team for hosting this Podcast!

This conversation focuses on how the current state of The Realm came to be, with interactions from Amanda (as read by the host via text conversations) and a voice interview from Redbeard. This podcast covers some of The Realm's past, as well as new beginnings and future plans.

Hope you Enjoy!

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This Podcast is described by TechnoFunkBoy.com as:
Ep 31: The Realm Respawns! (The Realm Online)

Part 3 of our series on the Realm Online, a 1996 MMORPG developed originally by Sierra Online. The series has gone in a direction we did not expect as the Realm is being relaunched by the efforts of the current owners at Norseman Games and a former developer for a private server, Rat Labs LLC.

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