Recovering Norseman Games accounts

Started by Gimli


Hey everyone! :wave:

We're getting a LOT of requests to help recover NG accounts.

We're happy to help - but we need your help as well. We don't have any personally identifiable customer information - billing address email, etc.

If you know your username and passwords - you can use those to log into the website and link your accounts.

If you don't, you can send us as MUCH information as you can: characters, levels, login names, possible passwords, email address, etc.

We're working with NG (and they've been VERY quick to help with everything I've sent).

So if you need the information based on things like email or billing address, it'll take a little bit longer. Most shouldn't take more than a day, but just know we're working through a backlog and should have it cleared in the next few days.

:heart: Thanks for working with us everyone, great to see so many old school Realmers back! :heart:

Please use the following form to recover accounts:

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