State of Development: The Evergreen Post

Started by Sam


Hey Realmers,

I thought I'd give a quick update on where we're at as of November 4th.

In development now

Prestige Abilities
Development is ongoing and we are testing many of the abilities now!

We are working out some kinks in the guild system and are excited to share this with everyone in the near future.

Prestige ability balancing
Changes to how some of our prestige ability spells work, such as poison barrage, are in the works to ensure that they are valuable and also not blatantly overpowered.

World Bosses Revamp
We will be revamping how world bosses work in order to drop crafting materials as well as build points. In order to balance this, we will be changing the way they spawn such that they randomly spawn and, when they do, a system announcement will go out to everyone and another will go out once the world boss has been defeated.

As a result, we need to do some back end work to support this!

New House Items
We have new house decorations ready to go and just need to perform more testing on them first!



After theorycrafting how this could work, we realized that we require some additional work on our world bosses before we can start. New helmet types that you may have seen in game being worn by our game staff will be the level 750 crafted armor, as a sneak peak!

All armor higher than level 500 will be craft only, and we are debating the same approach for weapons. Crafted armor is the current priority..

New client
We've been so busy bringing out content for all of you that we haven't made measurable progress on this yet. We are excited to start and share this with you over the coming months.

Upcoming Seasonal Content
Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasonal content is coming!

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