State of Development: The Evergreen Post

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Redbeard (Staff)

Greetings Realmers!

Below is the list of current opportunities that we are working on. As items are moved to "complete" status they will be removed from this posting to enable transparency of new items and dates coming on to the list.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask one of our friendly Moderators in game or shoot us on a note on the forums or Discord.

Current status
Name Description Phase Difficulty Est. Patch Release Developer
Prestige 1 Island New Prestige area town and dungeons Testing Moderate 09-28-18 Wolf, Jax, Grumpy, Alexandra
Basic Guild System Ability to create a guild, invite members, and kick members Testing Hard 09-28-18 Redbeard
Sorcery: Sorcerer's Attunement Ability to enchant / perm a 6th affect to items Development Moderate 09-28-18 Redbeard
Prestige Level 1 Ability to Prestige one time Ready for release Moderate 09-28-18 Redbeard
Prestige: Increase Skill Cap Increase skill cap to 9 Ready for release Moderate 09-28-18 Redbeard
Warrior: Melee Perfection Permanent +1 Attack Ready for release Easy 09-28-18 Redbeard
Thief: Agile Perfection Permanent +1 Dodge Ready for release Easy 09-28-18 Redbeard
Necromancy: Poison Barrage Spell that hits all targets with a poison bolt Ready for release Moderate 09-28-18 Redbeard
Thaum Perfection: Mass Heal Spell that mini heals all party members Ready for release Moderate 09-28-18 Redbeard
Elementalism: Summon Elemental Spell that summons an elemental Ready for release Moderate 09-28-18 Redbeard
Character Unghost Command Add ability for players to unghost their linked accounts Ready for release Easy 09-28-18 Redbeard
Treasure Chest Reward Update Guaranteed reward from a treasure chest Ready for release Moderate 09-28-18 Jordan, Redbeard
Warrior: Warrior's Charge Stuns enemy when weapon skill 6 and charge ability is used Development Moderate 10-12-18 Redbeard
Thief: Thief's Haste Increased movement rate of character by a factor of 2 Development Moderate 10-12-18 Redbeard
Adventurer: Adventurer's Adornment Spell that gives all party members +15% melee damage Development Moderate 10-12-18 Redbeard
Warrior: Cleave Two handed weapon cleave at skill 6 Development Hard 10-26-18 Redbeard
Thief: Bleed Attack Causes target to bleed and cannot be healed while bleeding Development Hard 10-26-18 Redbeard
Salvaging System Ability to salvage items for sovereigns and materials Development Hard TBD Jordan
Crafting System Revamp Ability to create master gear and beyond Development Hard TBD Jordan
New Client Skin (Dark Mode) New skin that will modernize the look of the client Development Moderate TBD Grumpy
Dungeon scaling Automatically tweak difficulty of encounters based on number of players in dungeon Testing Moderate Oct 2018 Jordan



New helms coming soon!
New Helms!

New client skin!


Guild tags showing in gossip.

New Decorations and Storage.

Best Regards,

TRO Development Team

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