Test Server Open - May 12, 2022

Started by rdragon
rdragon (Staff)


Today we're opening up a test server that will be in operation for a few weeks, in order to test some in-development features. Characters and houses have been copied to the test server from Finvarra's Fortress as of May 11th. There are no gameplay related changes between the servers. From the game launcher, if you select Finvarra's Fortress, you'll be able to select the test server at the server selection screen within the game.


New Feature
  • Instanced dungeons now persist indefinitely if you log out while inside. After returning, everything should be exactly as you left it. Additionally, if the game server restarts or crashes while you're in a dungeon, it will be persisted and you will be put back inside where you left off, once you log back in.

There was a fair amount of server infrastructure code that needed to be cleaned up for this to work right, so we're hoping that you are all able to assist in testing this out before we push it to the live server.

Please let us know in the test server forum if you see any issues.

-Mike aka rdragon

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